Seattle Seahawks need to replace Richard Sherman
Here are some defensive backs that fit the mold in Seattle and a few corners that can be starters or be a replacement for Sherman if he is traded.

Which Cornerbacks could head to Seattle as a potential replacement for Richard Sherman at cornerback?

With the recent trade rumors for All- Pro cornerback Richard Sherman, there is a chance he could be on a different team come draft day. If that trade comes to fruition before the draft, expect Jon Schneider and the Seahawks to target a cornerback in Round 1. The Seattle Seahawks are known to take cornerbacks with certain heights and arm lengths. Here are a few guys that fit that mold in the top half of the draft.

Quincy Wilson – CB – Florida

While Quincy Wilson is not the tallest cornerback out of this group, for me he is a round 1 talent and is big enough weight wise to be a starter in Seattle. He can be a press corner on the boundary that can cover relatively well and be a playmaker in the secondary.

Kevin King – CB – Washington

At the Scouting Combine, Kevin King blew the athletic testing out of the water and if the Seahawks really want a 6’3″ cornerback in Round 1, he might be the solution. While I think he is a Round 2 player and the 40 time does not show up on tape, the Seahawks can use him as a boundary corner or safety and develop him to a bona fided starter in that system in due time after he refines his coverage and tackling technique.

Ahkello Witherspoon – CB – Colorado

If the Seahawks want to wait until Round 2 for a cornerback, this corner fits all the measurables for the Seattle Seahawks. Even though he is not a good tackler at all, he is pretty good in man coverage and uses his length to break up passes frequently.

Chidobie Awuzie – CB – Colorado

A versatile corner/ safety, Awuzie could be a late Round 1 or early Round 2 selection. Awuzie could be a safety when he needs to but I think he has the length to play outside and has above average coverage with the ability to tackle well.

Cordrea Tankersley – CB – Clemson

If the Seattle Seahawks are looking for a press man coverage cornerback, this is the guy. Tankersley mirrored receivers well when he jammed them on the line of scrimmage. He also has to work on coverage and tackling. Eventually, he could be a nice fit in Round 2 for the Seahawks if he falls.

Marlon Humphrey – CB – Alabama

If the Seattle Seahawks want good run support out of the cornerbacks, Humphrey has that. He could play safety but has upside as a young corner. Humphrey has to tone down the aggressiveness a bit. Due to the fact, he bites on many double moves, curls, comebacks, etc. But if he can refine his decision making and coverage, he can be a number one corner. Consequently, on a team that has a physical presence in the secondary.  Incidentally, he can jam on the line and tackles with meaning. He is most likely a late Round 1 or early Round 2 player with upside.

Rasul Douglas – CB – West Virginia

Another big cornerback that could transition to safety, Douglas might not have the speed needed at cornerback. While he could do fine in a zone scheme, Douglas would have to refine his technique. He would also have to show faster speed needed at the cornerback position. A ball hawk at the cornerback position could eventually help out the defense that can be taken on Day 2.

Obi Melifonwu – DB – Connecticut

This would be a prototypical prospect that the Seahawks would want to target.  Seeing that he is a freak of nature and set records at the combine. Melifonwu can play safety and even cornerback depending on the matchup or nickel corner. He is not the big hitter you would think. However, at that size but he is the solid tackler Seattle might need on the defense. He is a late Round 1/ early day 2 player for me.


Here are the 8 defensive backs that could replace Sherman if the Seahawks trade him. Ahkello Witherspoon or Kevin King in round 2 are other great options if the Seattle Seahawks want a big corner on the outside. Cornerbacks on the roster will definitely be part of the competition but Quincy Wilson is the highest rated corner for me out of this cornerback group and if Sherman is not traded, then other options to upgrade at corner are there on Day 2 of the NFL Draft.

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