In today’s busy life, a person has a lot of time to do all the work. Still, he has become so engaged in his life that he cannot pay attention to his own body at all, due to which they are day by day getting fat so that he has started to look a little ugly somewhere. Many people are getting fat, and his face is getting thicker, and people do not have much time to exercise and lose weight. If he could, he uses Injection of fat into the face to correct his face.

Through this article, you will be able to know how you can bring your fat purse in your hand because, in this article, Subway himself has been told by Dr. Oman, in which you can also inject as well as with self-service. It can also be thin here. Dr. oman has shared many cases with his experience, through which you can easily understand.


Your body fat is collect as a small part of the body, and it helps to bring new life to your face. If you are a teenager, this treatment will help you damage the real white layer of face and skin. It can correct Because adolescence is a time of life at which we can easily bear any pen due to which we can get the most effective treatment and get the best treatment so that we can have the skin hanging on our face. It can again enter a beautiful and shapely shape. If it is correct by doing self-exercise, we should give first quality because what is in the matter is to conduct an operation that Does not match. It has been scientifically proven that crushed fat = nano brings fetal extracts to the skin that revive it.

The Injection of fat is performed using the latest microdroplet method.

Whenever this method is adopted, the language in this method is pumped and processed so that fat can inject with a diameter of only one mummy, unlike other methods. The diameter is about 3 millimeters. Still, It contains only and only one millimeter because this method is much simpler and much more beneficial. Similarly, uniformity obtained, and the operation of the injected fat reduced so that it also reduces pain and gives you an excellent benefit.

It is also possible that the fat injected into the thinner. The layer it contains can be easily diluted and quickly injected into it, which reduces discomfort and bleeding. Pain does not arise, and the blood flow that continues to flow is also significantly reduced. This method allows for injections on the skin’s surface so that the infusion can apply even at lower levels, and the fat Fairies below can also easily be treated. If you use the heavy feeling of sad feeling in it, the ability to use large volumes and be truly persistent natural so that it can use to brighten up the face in the right lats intelligently and only by using winkle words.

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