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Andres Iniesta
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Seven Football Players Who Are Successful In the World of Business!

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As you have already realized, football is not a stable career. It goes up and down, one moment can lead you to glory, but the next can send you tumbling to the ground. And even if you manage to stand your ground, you will eventually have to leave the pitch when you become older than 35.

That is the way of football, fast and fleeting. 

So, it is not unusual when football players establish their own business during the time they are not busying scoring goals on the field. Many of them even become rich thanks to this seemingly “part-time” job, and look like businessmen even more than footballers!

All of them are very outstanding, yet, there is a group of seven stands out the most. Today, in this article, I am going to introduce you to them.

7. Andres Iniesta

Andres Iniesta
Andres Iniesta

I must say, Andres Iniesta has got a business suiting his grace and elegance on the pitch quite well. Currently, he is the head of a wine company that he inherited from his father: Jose Antonio. 

He even got the wine labeled after his name: Bodega Iniesta. At first, when his father was running the company, it was just a way for him to earn an extra income. But now, thanks for the footballer’s reputation, Bodega Iniesta has become a somewhat renowned wine brand which is distributed throughout Spain.

A sophisticated product for a classy, suave footballer. Quite a match, don’t you think?

Iniesta is not the only one with a good reputation in the world of business. There are plenty more football players bypassing him in this aspect. Now, let’s move on to the sixth one on the list!

6. Ryan Bertrand

Ryan Bertrand
Ryan Bertrand

Ryan Bertrand – the former champion of the Champion League – has decided to establish his footstep in the technology field. He is now running a brokerage firm called Silicon Market. In case you have not known, this is a company providing AI technology to traders.

He always believes that the career of a football player would end sooner than anyone could expect. And he does not want to be wandering around and wonder about the meaning of his life when he reaches thirty. 

So he joins the world of technology and realizes that aside from the pitch, this is the place he wants to remain permanently.

On top of that, Ryan is also a co-owner of FootiEmo – a specially designed application that lets you send emojis of high-profile football players!

5. Cristiano Ronaldo

As a football fan, the news that Ronaldo has a business of his own must have no longer been a surprise to you. 

The reputation coming along with being a star for the Real Madrid makes him a name known to everyone. Taking advantage of this, Ronaldo has stepped into numerous fashion fields and successfully proves his talents in aspects aside from football.

In 2006, he opened his first boutique in Madeira. Then, another store from him made its way into Lisbon in 2008. Those were stepping stones for him to truly shine at fashion. Fast forward to today, he has already got his own brands for sock, underwear, premium shirts, and even shoes.

4. Neymar


It can be said that Neymar leads two successful life at the same time: on the pitch and in his business.

Aside from getting well-paid sponsorship deals of multiple famous brands such as Nike, Panasonic, and Beats by Dre, he also makes his way into many advertisers and shows up on the TV quite often. 

By now, Neymar has already got his own logo. On top of that, he even got the chance to be a cameo character in xXx: Return of Xander Cage – A Hollywood’s movie!

3. Mathieu Flamini

Now, unlike Ronaldo and Neymar, Flamini’s business has nothing to do with his reputation on the field. To be honest, he is not very spectacular in football anyway. But in the area of business, Flamini is truly a star!

He does not work in aspects that get his name easily recognized by fans. At this point, Flamini is a partner of GF Biochemicals. You might not know about it, but this is an environmental company that focuses on manufacturing levulinic acid and derivatives.

This field is somewhat unfamiliar to many people. Still, it brings him more money than you can ever imagine. Why? Well, acid and other chemicals are something related to science! And when it comes to science and research, no matter what you do, you will always bring back huge money.

2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s business outside the pitch does not involve his football career at all. Actually, it is more about himself than anything else. You do not quite catch that? Well, here is the reason.

In 2016, Ibrahimovic launched his own sportswear brand, A-Z. This was something he spent time modeling on his own. And, yeah, the “Z” in its name stood for his own name: “Zlatan”. 

In 2017, he created a football-themed mobile game. And do you know what he called it? “Zlatan’s Legends!” It was quite a good game. I like the character’s design. 

This footballer does not like staying in one place for so long. He likes going somewhere new, trying something fresh, proving himself in different aspects. What a real challenge-taker! But he has got the skills, so I think he will manage to pull it off.

1. Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique
Gerard Pique

Finally, at the top position, we got Gerard Pique, a star who wins big both inside and outside the pitch! Check out https://tructiepbongda.vip for watching on the pitch of Gerard Pique.

By now, you must have heard of Pique as the champion World Cup and European Championship, someone who got Barcelona several trophies, and perhaps, Shakira’ husband. But do you know that he is also an impressive poker player?

What’s a surprise, right? His name is already on the list of top 150 in Spain by now. In 2016, he even won £94,000 in a tournament. 

On top of that, Pique also owns his own gaming company – Kerald’s Games and has a 27% share in an additive-free meat company – Bas Alimentaria.

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