Although the internet and technology advances of the last decade have made marketing so much easier for brands, it has also made the industry just as competitive. Door-to-door marketing is reaching a gradual end as companies employ more and more internet marketing practices into their work agenda. We stand at the dawn of a social media takeover, which has changed the way people, businesses and customers alike, view marketing.

Being a digital marketing agency, we know that in a race of who-aces-the-internet first, your only chance of survival is the acceptance and implementation of these techniques. This article will to take you on a ride through the best Free Social Media Management Tools the internet has to offer for the success of your brand!

The Top 10 Social Media Tools for 2019

Here’s a carefully curated list of our favorites this year:

1. BuzzSumo

You know what they all say; a good digital marketer always does his research. Research is the essence of marketing online. So, what if you have a great marketing idea? You need to know if there’s anyone interested in spreading the word.

BuzzSumo lets you find content that is trending among influencers and is shared repeatedly. Just click on their website, enter a topic/content idea/keyword/domain and voila! A plethora of results just waiting for your attention. This information is not just for you to marvel at. You can use it to see how much of a hot topic your keyword is and even see which social media platform is best for marketing your product. 

This kind of inside information is guaranteed to make you a marketing know-it-all, since you’ll have a better grip on understanding who is interested in what and where on the internet. BuzzSumo categorizes the results based on popular social media forums such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Price: Plans start at $79/month


2. Google Trends

Google may seem like your worst enemy at times (Webmaster guidelines we’re looking at you!), but it is also your best advisor. You see, Google wants you and your business to succeed. All it asks for in return is good, SEO optimized, search-relevant and updated content that people are looking for. Google trends is a free tool created by the search engine giant to help companies search for topics that are trending online. 

Your brand can use it to monitor trends and popular search words to make sure the content you create is top-notch and suitable for the need of the moment. Keep an eye on what’s happening around the world. Remember that to be on the top you must stay relevant, fresh and giving your best shot.

The tool is great for keyword research too, as it helps to see how popular a keyword is right now and compares it to its popularity in the previous months and years. This kind of information goes a long way in letting you make an informed decision regarding your content.

Price: Free

Google Trends

3. Buffer Publish

A social media marketing platform in all its essence, Buffer has been especially designed to aid businesses that market their products online with the help of its scheduling and analysis features. Since companies can add and manage all their social media accounts in one place, it is easier for them to compare which platform is serving them better for what kind of content. You can schedule and add content to your buffer queue and it will publish your posts accordingly (and timely).

Buffer’s performance analysis feature for social media is especially helpful since it lets you see which of your content is doing better to help you for the future. The simpler layout and rebuffer options give the user a certain edge with social media marketing.

The app is available on web, Android, iOS and also a Chrome Extension.

Price: Free (paid plans start at $15/month)

Buffer Publish

4. Canva

Along with superb written content for customers to engage with, a good marketer is well-aware of the positive reinforcement given by great graphics. Often, it is not very easy to have a ready-to-create designer at hand. Canva is a fantastic art tool to aid you in that hour of need. 

With easy-to-use features and a vast variety of designs and templates to choose from, Canva is the one tool you can rely on to give you the best feature images to put on social media. It offers you ready-made themes, icons, illustrations and fonts to give your created work the professional touch.

 It’s enough to say that all text and no pictures makes any blog, a dull blog. With Canva, no more. 

Price: Free (Canva for Work starts at $12.95 per month)


5. Unsplash

Since we’re on the subject of design, we know how problematic multimedia work can become. Another great tool to help you in the pursuit of good marketing content is Unsplash, a website dedicated to amazing collections of professional pictures that you can download and use for free!

It is a popular tool for marketers since they’re always looking for polished photo pieces to go with their campaigns. Since the Unsplash library is huge, we recommend that you start looking ahead of time, and follow some of your favorite creators for suggestions. 

Price: Free


6. Animoto

Any search on best social media marketing techniques will tell you that video marketing is super trendy right now. Animoto is here to help you use the trend to your benefit. It is an excellent marketing tool which helps you quickly create professional-looking and customer-charming videos to put alongside your content on any social media website. 

Since videos are so engaging, video editing experts are getting more and more valuable to companies (and are also raising costs). Animoto allows an ease that lets businesses come up with simple and quick marketing videos that engage customers but still retain that sleek, professional look we aim for. 

Video content is extremely useful for promotion, whether it be big announcements or product launches, and to remind customers what services your business offers. It comes with great templates and suggestions on how to get the best marketing video.

Pricing: Plans start at $5/month


7. Feedly

Feedly’s one of our favourites, purely because there’s just so much you can do with it. If you’re working on social media, chances are you’ve also got to work with influencers. Or if you want to keep up with what’s happening in your product industry, you need to keep an eye on the news. Or maybe you’re just visiting too many websites for info and updates. Feedly’s got you covered. You can add all of those too Feedly and see them all at one place. It will do wonders in terms of saving time.

It can be especially helpful if you’re writing content and looking at inspiration pieces. Instead of flitting through tabs and tabs of all the blogs/writers you want to copy—(oops!) we mean get inspiration from, you can just add them all to Feedly and see them in one go. 

. Price: Free (paid plans start at $5.41/month)


8. Buffer Reply

One of the main goals of marketing is customer engagement. Much effect of a strong marketing campaign is lost if there is not proper correspondence with the person you are trying to sell your product/service to. By this we mean good customer service especially for teams that are responsible for responding to conversations or comments online. 

Reply compiles all your social conversations across several social networks and brings them in one place. You can see comments for your Facebook posts/ads, visitor posts, private messages and tweets that @ mention you on twitter, along with any personal messages or hashtag searches. 

Price: Plans start at $50/month

Buffer Reply

9. Website-specific Analytics

Did you think we’d forget this one? Of course not. Social media sites’ own collected analytics are worth so much more credit than their given. Considering the top three social forums Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, their insights pages are filled with valuable information which are a great place to start working on your marketing base. Everything from engagement to number of likes/followers, from how well your posts are doing to which posts need attention, they’ve got it all there.

Remember that social media sites are always collecting your information to conduct a kind of research of their own. So its best to start from their data to understand your customer base.

Price: Free

10. SocialCount

This free tool helps you track number of shares on each post that you publish on your website. It takes care to also give you the details of shares that you get from other platforms for particular pieces of content. 

The only thing that drives a marketing campaign forward is its proven success rate. Monitor your share and response levels with this app and determine if you should keep investing in the same marketing techniques or not. Maybe your campaign hit it off with the customers or maybe its time to think out of the box.

Whichever one it may be, use SocialCount to help check your progress levels.


Wow, there it is, a nice comprehensive list of social media marketing helpers to get you and your campaign started off. Many companies decide to approach specialized businesses for their digital marketing services as it is becoming a very prominent promotion tool today. It requires that special care and selection is done when planning an internet campaign. Not every tool is perfect for every business, but the ones above are some of our favourites. Search and explore, you may find some favourites for yourself too!

Before starting any work related to internet then please do speed test so that you know your internet speed.

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