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Shameless: There can’t be a season 8 without Fiona

If you’re a fan of Showtime’s hit series Shameless, then you know each and every one of the Gallagher’s is integral to the series. Each one of them brings their own distinct personalities to the small screen, and their interactions are what make the show so entertaining. Of all the Gallagher kids, Fiona, played by Emmy Rossum, is the most crucial to the show’s story.

Fiona is the mother figure who everyone else turns to when they need help since their father is a scheming alcoholic and their bipolar mother only shows up when she wants. This season, season seven, has seen Fiona grow fed up with this role, as she has finally put herself first. Since the show debuted back 2011, it has been clear she was considered one of the stars of the show.

As things stand now, the show has yet to be renewed for an eighth season, and now fans may know why. There are reports Rossum is demanding equal pay to fellow star William H. Macy, who plays the deadbeat dad Frank, who recently got a raise. A renewal of the series could very well hinge on Rossum getting paid. Now the show could technically be renewed without Rossum’s involvement, but let’s be honest: Shameless is not Shameless without Fiona!

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It is always sad to see a highly successful television show or movie franchise lose a key character because of issues behind the scenes. Two and a Half Men lost a good majority of its fan base when the show moved on from Charlie Sheen, whose character Charlie Harper was the heart and soul of the show. Recently Criminal Minds and Thomas Gibson (Hotch) parted ways after 11 seasons. That was a show I had invested 11 years of my life into, and after Shemar Moore (Morgan) stepped away and Gibson was dismissed, I found myself with no interest in the currently airing 12th season.

If Shameless were to continue with a season eight without Fiona Gallagher, it would certainly not feel right. Carl Gallagher has been off the show for almost half the seventh season, having gone to military school on the show, and while the episodes have still been funny, there is something missing. There is no word on if or when Carl is going to return (please let it be soon, maybe even tonight), but I am still holding out hope.

So to the people behind the scenes in charge of handing out the money, please pay Emmy Rossum. There is no reason not to. She is as central a character as anyone else on the show, including Frank. Her witty attitude and no holding back type of attitude makes her stand out in a lot of the scenes she is in, and it is clear she is a fan favorite. So just show her the money.

It would be a real shame to not have a season eight of Shameless because of a money dispute. It would be an even bigger shame to see the Gallagher’s move on with Fiona out of the picture. So let’s get this done, and get season eight, with Fiona in tow, officially in the books.

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