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Season four of Agents of Shield left fans scratching their heads. The last thing we got to see was Agent Phil Coulson, who is clearly hiding something, looking out a window. When he looks out that window, he does not see trees, grass or the beach. Instead, he sees space!

So, it is pretty safe to guess that Shield is going cosmic for season five. At the very least, the beginning of season five. Speculation is already running wild that the show will have some sort of tie into Avenger: Infinity War, as the next season, will likely be wrapping up around the time the film hits theaters. They did have the third season lead right into the events of the last Avengers film, Avengers: Age of Ultron. So the theory is not all that wild.

But this cosmic connection, paired with my mind always looking to find roles for actors and actresses got me thinking. This past Tuesday, I was watching the show Animal Kingdom on TNT. Finn Cole plays the character of J on the show. J is a boy who ends up living with his grandmother after his mother overdoses. His grandmother also happens to help her four boys commit heists, which J gets involved in.

This season has seen J get a little more hands-on with his involvement in the crimes the boys commit. It seems he is not very trusting of many people, nor do people really trust him. The bottom line is, I have seen enough in the character to want to see Finn Cole in a more villainous role.

So that got me thinking even further. Trying to figure out what show he could pop up in and as what character. Then it hit me. Pair him with Colton Haynes and make them the Blood Brothers!

For starters, I see a lot of Roy Harper, which is the character that Haynes played on Arrow. When Roy first burst onto the scene, he was a street thug. He was a cocky kid who didn’t really care what others thought. There are certainly plenty of parallels between the two characters or Roy and J.

Then factor in the two could easily pass as brothers. They have a fairly similar look and can play fairly similar roles. So what better way to pair them up then as brothers?

That’s when I began thinking of Agents of Shield, since Haynes already has a character that exists within the Arrowverse. Given the cosmic nature of season five, the Blood Brothers certainly fit the bill. They are characters that also have ties to Earth as well, so a television version of them can certainly be adapted to include that.

The brothers tend to serve as henchmen of sorts for Thanos. It just so happens he is going to be the big bad when Infinity War rolls around next year. So if the show planned on having some form of connection to the blockbuster, these characters could very well fit that bill.

Bringing in Haynes and Cole for the roles would simply be a solid choice. Both men can play a character with a dark side, while still delivering comedic moments when the moment is right. In other words, they would fit right into the MCU.

So what do you think? Do you think these two would make good Blood Brothers on Marvel’s Agents of Shield? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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