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How Long Will WWE Keep The Title On Alexa Bliss?


June 9, 2017

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How long will WWE keep the Raw Women’s Title on Alexa Bliss?

I ask because after watching the current champion on Monday nights lose to Nia Jax via disqualification, it’s only a matter of time before the challenger finally overcomes the obstacles in front of her and defeats Bliss to win WWE’s coveted crown.

Bliss has been a ray of sunshine in a cloudy upheaval of disappointment within the division. Bayley looks week when it comes to showing any kind of grit. Sasha Banks is basically enhancement talent. Mickie James looks good in the ring (and on camera) but will not take the title from Bliss. WWE cannot get out of its own way here, which has destroyed a promising start to the year.

Still, you can count on Bliss to deliver in the ring and on the mic as the evil stepmother of the red brand.

I suspect the company will keep the title around her waist until it figures out how to book Jax as a dominant warrior who runs away with the title. The unbalanced rosters on both the red and blue team has hurt both brands and a Charlotte-Jax feud cannot materialize.

Sarah Hirsch of dailyddt.com sums up the status Bliss sits in when it comes to how WWE wants to build her as a champion.

“Bearing in mind, with the rest of the division inactive or not likely to challenge Bliss, it could be a lengthy Championship reign for the Five Feet of Fury.  Unless the company throws a curve ball at the fans – which they do regularly – the Goddess of WWE will be sitting pretty for a considerable amount of time.  Not that it is a bad thing; again with Bliss’ wit and eye for winning at all costs it keeps her reign interesting and keeps her over as the one fans want to see get what’s coming to her.”

Bliss is sass, confidence, sex appeal and performance all rolled into one package. And the notion of her letting go of the title any time soon should be erased from your mind right now. Her dominance is as big for this company as the failure of Bayley getting over once she was called up to the main roster.

It could be a situation where Jax is not the one to take the WWE belt off Bliss, but another opponent acts as a transitional champion. Since both are still perceived as “heels” in the eyes of the fans, WWE does not want to flip the script.

It is a good possibility that Bliss runs with the title for a long stretch. It might not be the same kind of reign as Goldberg or Asuka. But a six-moth run is possible, if WWE books her correctly.

And let’s be honest. The little blond powder keg is the only reason to watch the women’s division on Monday nights right now. For me and others, that’s perfectly fine.

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