While both Shopify and Magento continue to be two of the biggest ecommerce platforms, debate between the two rages on. Ease of use, maintenance opportunities, SEO support and many other features get thrown around in the debate. As we enter 2021, ecommerce becomes more invested in by buyers around the world for many reasons. Shopify vs Magento 2021 landscape is fiercer than ever.

Lockdowns and virus threats have more to do with this rapid rise in ecommerce as well. If you are looking to redesign your ecommerce store or website and are stuck between Shopify and Magento, we would help you make your decision more reason based. Read below as we look to shed early light for Shopify vs Magento 2021 debate. Find help to choose which should be your way to go:

20% of UK’s Top Ecommerce Retailers Are on Magento or Magento Enterprise

If you are someone who is to go by figures, know this that 20% of UK’s online retailers use Magento. Another interesting thing is that Magento is relied on by a variety of sectors. These include home, DIY, departmental stores, automotive industry, manufacturing, sports and leisure. This is where your get more in-depth view of Shopify vs Magento 2021 debate.

So, why is Magento trusted by so many ecommerce businesses and industries? For starters, it is and will be an open-source platform. You have the option for full scale customization with any store or web design. Standard version of Magento is also free to install with additional costs for web hosting, extensions and security features.

Magento Enterprise offers premium version that needs a yearly fee to be paid that can be divided into monthly installments. Deeper integrations and enhanced capabilities are awarded with support including dynamic marketing and intuitive analytics tools with the Enterprise version.

Often, successful Magento based retailers will have in-house store development and management teams. This is more attributed to the large budgets of large successful enterprises. Keeping this in mind, there is no limits to the customization options provided by expert professionals.

Do You Need to Touch Coding in Magento?

Since Magento (also Magento 2) is open-source, this means you’d need some level of coding to avail full potential. This is why Magento store or web development will need knowledge of HTML, PHP, JavaScript and CSS. Also, this is what fuels the Shopify vs Magento 2021 debate all that much as well.

You or your ecommerce development and maintenance team will need to have full Magento platform and framework understanding. Most likely, new startups will need to hire professional Magento developers in order to get their stores and sites right.

Many Fashion Brands and Retailers Trust Shopify More

Shopify is very popular amongst fashion brands and retailers around the world. A very high percentage of fashion stores are being developed in Shopify. Some of the biggest fashion and style brands have Shopify as their core development domain.

Reason for this is that the platform indeed features some of the most versatile and attractive themes. These readymade themes make the process of developing your store much easier ending up with a truly attractive masterpiece. Jones Bootmaker and Pavers are listed amongst UK’s top 500 ecommerce retailers and are Shopify based fashion stores.

In fact, Shopify is much more popular amongst new ecommerce brands and startups. Simplicity of the dashboard and the all-inclusive nature make it easy to maintain and promote your store. This is where Shopify vs Magento 2021 debate takes a turn for the prior. Also, there are great scalability options on here that make growth seamless and welcomed.

However, there is no free version of Shopify like there is one on Magento. Basic package includes a $29 fee that however includes hosting as well.

Some Popular Successful Fashion Brands Based on Shopify Include:

  • Cettire.com
  • Colourpop.com
  • Fashionnova.com
  • Gymshark.com
  • Kith.com
  • Usatuan.com
  • Beeinspiredclothing.com
  • Outofthesandbox.com
  • Pagefly.io
  • Mmml.la
  • Puravidabracelets.com
  • Aloyoga.com
  • Zanerobe.com
  • Analuisa.com

When you get store development from professional Shopify Developers service providers, you’ll get attractive store designs with great features. Also, you’ll find Shopify stores very easy to maintain on your end as well.

Shopify Vs Magento 2021 – Pros and Cons

Once you develop a bit of understanding for both platforms, it gets easier to choose between them. Shopify vs Magento 2021 debate is highly dependent on the high and low points of both platforms. Here are some pros and cons that you should know about:


Shopify has grown to become the third biggest ecommerce platform in the world. It supports more than 1 million businesses in 175 countries of the world. Overall revenue along for 2019 was a staggering $1.57 billion. This figure was a gain of 47% from that of 2018. Today, the platform is possibly most well-known for small and medium businesses. There are many of the best Shopify Developers available.to help small business to grow their business through shopify.

This is a big point going for Shopify vs Magento 2021 debate.


  • Automatic screen size optimization for ecommerce stores with product listings
  • More than 100 attractive readymade storefront themes available
  • A large app store with comprehensive ecommerce site builder to enhance store functionality
  • Very easy to use (mostly drag and drop) style store development
  • 24/7 very active customer support available for all store builders and owners


  • Transaction fee applicable per sale on all products that totals up to be a significant amount
  • Only 10 free Shopify themes to choose from
  • Basic version best suited for small to medium businesses supporting less than 100,000 products and minimal SKUs
  • Non open-source platform means restricted app-store offering complex functionality and integrations


Magento is big, old and expanding supporting 1% of all websites on the internet. Consider the more than 1.5 billion websites and you get an idea of how vast the platform is. By end of 2020, ecommerce sales gained from Magento stores is estimated to be no less than $224 billion. An astonishing number indeed. This puts the Shopify vs Magento 2021 debate into a whole new perspective.


  • Flexibility and sense of freedom are unmatched being open-source
  • Free to use platform with only hosting fees to worry about
  • Wide support with high-quality extensions offering advanced functionality


  • You need a great amount of time getting your store setup
  • Developing a quality store or website will need advanced coding knowledge and possibly to hire a professional expert

Which Should You Choose?

Still stuck on the Shopify vs Magento 2021 possibilities? The answer for this is actually pretty simple. If you are a bit of coding expert and can handle all that Magento throws to you, go with the platform. If not, Shopify suits you best as it is mostly a drag and drop style store development platform.

Also, basically, you can’t go wrong with either. Shopify store development can be almost fully handled by non-coders. Magento will need extensive coding expertise. Choose the one that you feel comfortable with most. Ecommerce store development is way of the future for all industries.



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