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Showbiz! Catching up With ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Contestant and Model, Frenchy Morgan

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Known for her controversial and unforgettable appearances on shows such as Howard Stern, Rock of Love and I Love Money, Paris-born reality star and model, Frenchy Morgan is back and just has head-turning as ever.

Morgan, who first appeared in Celebrity Big Brother back in 2014 and caused some controversy, is never forgotten after so many years after taking a pair of scissors to housemate Leslie Jordan’s pants, and throughout the years after appearing in reality shows such as Botched, Dr. 90210, Playboy TV and The Playboy Mansion, has also released a number of singles on iTunes.

While the reality television landscape is vast and varied, Frenchy has left quite an impression across all platforms in doing movies such as 2009’s Reality Horror Night as herself and being a TV host/interviewer on the Rev TV Channel.

But what about when the cameras are off and the papparazzi are not lurking around, what do we really know about this petite 5’3 forty-something platinum blond-haired French beauty?

Let’s find out more about Angelique…

  • She has a spiritual side to her, in possessing a Health Coaching License and believing in the use of herbal remedies rather than traditional medicines. If anything is going to test that commitment to the limit, it’ll be CBB.
  • If she has to sit between George Gilbey and White Dee in full conversational flow, she’ll be begging for a paracetamol.
  • Angelique is also very passionate about her charity work and supports many groups in the fight against animal cruelty

According to a recent interview, Frenchy could be set for another reality appearance on our televsion screens soon in ITV2’s Love Island this summer, according to The Sun.

“I have been single for 15 years and my dating life is just a disaster, my last relationship just lasted a month.” she stated. “I am very spontaneous and extreme – no one can handle me.” Frenchy told the paper.

Guess we will have to get our passports in order and jet across the pond to Europe and find out for ourselves!

Follow Angelique on Instagram at @frenchymorgan, special thanks to King Publishing and Intrigue Agency for their help and assistance.

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