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Interviews and Features: Q and A With Madd’s Mother and Daughter Duo, Sue and Imani Evans

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They say that the special bond between mother and daughter is a special one that goes beyond parent and child. Much like the special bond between father and son, the mother-daughter bond is one that has a lot of unique assets.

Learning about the birds and the bees, talking about your first kiss, first boyfriend and heartbreak. Like sisters, a mother and daughter share everything good and bad.

One such example of a unique mother-daughter bond that is redefining the old-fashioned mommy and daughter relationship is that of Madd mom-daughter duo of Sue and Imani Evans.

The British-based Youtube reality television personalities and producers have appeared in shows such as The Kitchen and Big Brother, are determined to refine family dynamics for the 21st century.

Below is a quick interview with both Sue and Imani as they talk about MADD, their special bond and their upcoming new relationship column.


Name: Sue Evans & Imani Evans

Age: Sue, 48, Former big brother/ Youtuber, Imani, 25, Model, youtuber! the rest I cant tell you just yet

From: Luton, United Kingdom

Social Media Links: Instagram: @imanievans_ and @sueevans_|Twitter: @MaddImani and @Maddsusan  | Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJPwFLgh1d4IsNLc7X1Cj4Q | Facebook: @Imaniandsue


Tell us a bit about you Madd? We are a Mother And Daughter Duo that have a very strong bond and a unique relationship. We are best friends and do absolutely everything together. Many people that meet us think we are sisters and we don’t mind that in the slightest!

Individually, we are dynamic but together we are a force to be reckoned with! Our unique looks ensure that we turn heads wherever we go as well as making a scene with our outrageous personalities. Being MADD means that we are turning family dynamics on its head. There doesn’t need to be a hierarchy between mothers and daughters so we believe in coming together as two powerful equals and supporting each other unconditionally.

Why did you decide to start MADD? We never actually decided to start MADD, it was a natural bond we had from the moment we first met. We decided to start promoting our duo-ship once we filmed BBC2’s The Kitchen and realized people wanted to know more about us and whether our relationship was real. So many people got in touch, females in particular wanted advice on how they could be close with their mum’s too. We realized how unique we were and decided to put ourselves out there even more to inspire other families.

Tell us where you want your journey to lead? We want to be recognized and the original MADD duo that we are and inspire women to have confidence in themselves and each other. We want to launch our book and TV shows so that we can show all the different sides to our personalities and help other mothers and daughters to bond. There are endless possibilities with a female family brand like ours and we want to eventually have a clothing collection, lingerie collection and even put on events where we can connect with our fans!

What’s the most romantic trip you dream of going on? Hawaii, because we’ve heard some of the beaches are pink!

Tell me about the most interesting place you’ve ever travelled to? Mexico was insanely beautiful! The hotel we stayed in was the Barcelo in Los Cabos. The rooms had Jacuzzi’s and the beach was heavenly. The service in Mexico was also the best we have ever experienced.

Tell me about your most embarrassing moment on Big Brother? I accidentally farted in the pool and it bubbled. When I came out of the house I was ecstatic to know it wasn’t shown as I thought about it every day!

Why did you decide to enter the show and would you do it again? I wanted to enter the show because I knew that MADD would make a HUGE impact. They loved as as a duo but in the end they scrapped the pairs theme and wanted me on my own. I loved every second although moments were very challenging. Especially living with such asswipes. I would 100% do it again though but this time I want to do it as MADD!


What type of men are you attracted to? All men. I’m quite the flirt and quite the man eater! I’ve had two divorces and a funeral but I will never give up on love!

So Imani would you ever take up hair modelling? Absolutely! Doing hair modelling would be my absolute dream as my hair really has become a talking point all over social media. Another dream of mine is to have a lingerie collection for busty girls as my natural HH boobs are another talking point. I’m all hair & boobs!

What is your most successful publication? I’ve worked with Hairfinity on a 3 post campaign which was a huge dream of mine. They are a huge international hair cosmetics brand that have the likes of Kim Kardashian as one of their faces. My dream would be to work with L’Oreal next!

Dog or Cat? Dogs, without a shadow of a doubt! Also keep a eye out for our madd magazine column coming out very soon!

Special thanks toKing Publishing and Intrigue Agency for their assistance with this feature.



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