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Snowman’s Hot Take – Cam Newton is DONE

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I absolutely hate to put it this bluntly for Carolina Panther fans, but it needs to be said.

Cam Newton is done as the quarterback of the Carolina Panthers.

Now, will the Panthers believe that and begin the search for a new franchise QB? No.

Think about this – since Super Bowl 50, when Newton became Superman, the former first round draft pick from Auburn has been an absolute shell of himself. part of this is due to injury, part is due to his attitude, and part of this is due to the fact that the Carolina Panthers did not surround him with the strongest piece of offense needed – AN OFFENSIVE LINE!!

The line became decimated in the past two years. Newton’s shoulder has not fully healed and may not ever fully heal. Newton’s body has betrayed him and he will not listen to it and allow it to rest and get right. Except for Christian McCaffrey, no recognizable running back. Steve Smith, Sr. has moved on and the defense has taken a beating.

But this is all about Newton. Since Super Bowl 50, I repeat, his body has failed him, his mentality has sunk because the Panthers have not gotten back to the big game, he was ridiculed and it got to him for walking off of the podium after the Super Bowl, he’s missing throws as was evidenced on the first two games of this season. If you watch the games closely, his aim is off – and badly. His instincts are not there and he has taken entire too many hits for him to be an elite QB ever again.

That’s the hot take.

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Brian Snow
A native of Chicago, the Snowman got bit by the broadcast bug while listening to Jim Durham call the Chicago Bulls, Wayne Larrivee call the Chicago Bears, and John Rooney call the Chicago White Sox. He dropped his first call in 1995 and then it was on from there.

One thought on “Snowman’s Hot Take – Cam Newton is DONE

  1. If I was Coach Rivera, I would force Newton to shut it down for the remainder of the season. It’s too early to tell what’s going on to be honest. Things in this league can change on a dime.

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