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Snowman’s Hot Take – UCF Will Get Screwed Again!

The University of Central Florida Knights – remember them?

They are the best College Football team in the state of Florida. They should be one of the top four teams in Division I college football.

After demolishing the Pac 12’s Stanford Cardinal on Saturday afternoon, you would think that they finally made a name for themselves to crack the College Football Playoff. EXCEPT that they did that in 2017 by compiling an undefeated season. They repeated the feat in 2018 and picked up one of two bowl wins.

And yet, the Knights, representatives of the American Athletic Conference won’t even get a sniff of the so-called College Football playoff.

Why you ask?

Because even though they have built a legacy, the powers that be will remind everyone within earshot or eyeshot that the Knights have no real wins on their schedule. Despite demolishing Stanford, beating Auburn in a bowl game – playing another SEC team to 8 points in a bowl game, putting up 30 plus points in 29 straight games, changing coaches, losing a star QB to a horrific injury and other factors, they will not see the top four in January.

So every team scheduled by the Knights, even given the fact that Nick Saban and Alabama are AFRAID to come to the bounce house, despite other top coaches are AFRAID to come to the bounce house, UCF has to be played to the left.

A far superior team in the state of Florida alone, the Knights unfortunately have to toil in anonymity in the eyes of everyone else.

That is okay by them. There is nothing left to prove until the remainder of the college football world FAIRLY gives them a chance to prove their worth other than a bowl game or a kickoff weekend.

Stanford got the business today in the bounce house on Saturday. Who’s Next?

That’s Snowman’s Hot Take.

Brian Snow
A native of Chicago, the Snowman got bit by the broadcast bug while listening to Jim Durham call the Chicago Bulls, Wayne Larrivee call the Chicago Bears, and John Rooney call the Chicago White Sox. He dropped his first call in 1995 and then it was on from there.

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