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So the age old question continues to be asked. Who’s the greatest QB of this generation? Brady? Peyton? Eli? Well, there’s a name that often gets overlooked. Brees. Yes. As in Drew Brees.

The man who saved New Orleans. The man who said he needed someone to believe in him. The man who caused former play-by-play man to say “Pigs have flown! Hell has frozen over! The Saints are going to the Super Bowl!”

And then he brought them to the promised land. Oddly enough, in a win over – gulp – Peyton Manning. Tracy Porter had a large assist in that Super Bowl, but Brees got them there! It seemed like Brees was NOT a fit with San Diego. He did good, but did not fully blossom.

Then came the trade to New Orleans. It all clicked.

Records. Yards. TDs. A fast break offense that seemed to be getting faster. A 5,000 yard season – SEVERAL TIMES. The ONLY QB to throw for multiple 5,000 yard seasons by the way. Then Super Bowl XLIV where he was the MVP. Completing the recovery for himself, his team, and his city from Hurricane Katrina. It seems like he’s made New Orleans his own. And they have accepted him as his native son.

The records? Too many to list. But let’s just talk about the ones he has broken inside the Superdome.

Marino’s single season passing yardage record – Brees to Sproles against Atlanta.

Career passing yardage record – Brees to Tre’Quan Smith vs Washington

Career Passing touchdowns – Brees to Thomas vs Indianapolis

He’s won games. He’s lost games. But he’s always been in games. Not bad for an undersized quarterback who put the Big Ten conference under siege. Not bad for a quarterback who many said couldn’t last after a horrific shoulder injury in San Diego.

And all that is okay. Because he needed and wanted to be a hero to a team and a city. He’s done just that for, and in New Orleans. So if you’re wondering why I put Brees over Brady and Peyton? Well, look at how he’s revitalized not just a team, but a city. And he’s far from done!

“You can have anything you’re willing to work hard for!” Absolutely right Mr. Brees.

That’s Snowman’s Take. What’s yours?

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