For all that said Jimmy G is the weak link of the 49ers. For all that said he cannot come through in big games. For all that said that Jimmy Garoppolo could not lead his team. I offer you the 2019 season. In particular, I offer you a wild Saturday night finish in Santa Clara.

Converting not one, but TWO third and 16’s on what turned out to be the game winning drive. Jimmy G hit Kendrick Bourne, then Emmanuel Sanders on the third and 16s to set up the game-winning field goal by Robbie Gould which provided the difference in a 34-31 win.

The 49ers have had great defensive play all season. They have had great offensive play all season. And their attitude has gotten stronger all season. But all signs point to Jimmy Garoppolo. And just when you think you had all the answers about him, Jimmy G changed the questions.

“We were just killing ourselves. We knew we had to stay the course” said Garoppolo after the win vs the Rams. His play lately has been that of a veteran QB. But this is a youngster that is growing up before our eyes. The game against Seattle at home. Yeah it was an L, but he put his team in a position to win the game – in regulation AND in overtime.

Baltimore. Loss at the gun. If he converts that 4th down, different ending.

Atlanta. Looked too far ahead. He knows it and so does his team.

There are three BIG things that has propelled Jimmy G to this PRO-BOWL season. Yes a PRO-BOWL season for the understudy of one Tom Brady, considered the GOAT among quarterbacks. The three things are:

1) His health – he has started and completed EVERY game this season after returning from a horrific ACL injury in 2018.

2) After every loss, he’s led the 49ers to plus 30 points in every game afterwards.

3) Game winning drives in a season that counts – Arizona, New Orleans, L.A. Rams.

If you want the numbers, how about this:
3,693 yards passing, 27 TDs, 13 INTs.

But to me, he has really grown as a QB and a leader. One of the most sacked QBs in the league, continues to impress, surprise, grow, and get better.

Who expected him to go toe-to-toe with Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Lamar Jackson, and Aaron Rodgers in the same season? Who expected him to grow this fast. And have him produce the way that he has in his first full season.

Think about this – he had short spurts of starts with New England and San Francisco but there were many a question about him and his abilities. On the opposite side of that coin, he was coveted for two years before the Hoodie GAVE him to San Francisco.

When the 49ers took this gift, they have surrounded him with the best weapons to help him succeed. Matt Breida, Tevin Coleman, rookie Deebo Samuel, Emmanuel Sanders in a trade, a great defense, the right coaching mind, and the best change, the ATTITUDE.

Jimmy G is FOR REAL. Big drive after big drive. Big pass after big pass. And then the game winners. If the shootout against Drew Brees and the Saints doesn’t convince you, the beatdown of Baker Mayfield and Aaron Rogers, both in the Bay, doesn’t give you a clue to his potential, the gutsy performance against the Rams won’t make you look, then fine. Keep blind to the growing legend.

Remember Joe Montana? Steve Young? They were overlooked too. They both became Hall-Of-Famers.

Watch this growing legend. If you dare.

That’s Snowman’s Take. What’s yours? Merry Christmas!

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