Well, it has finally happened. Jimmy Garoppolo is out from the shadow of one Tom Brady. The pre-dated successor to Brady was jettisoned to San Francisco and the questions started. Especially after he got paid. And injured again. But 2019 has officially started Jimmy G’s San Francisco career. He has taken every offensive snap to prove his durability. He’s used his vaunted running game to help the offese run over its opponents.

The questions remained, however. Can he lead his team to the postseason? Done! Can he navigate through a brutal schedule? Done and then some. You can make an argument that were it not for a pair of late field goals at the gun and a quirky ending at home against Atlanta, the 49ers would be competing for history in the form of a possible 19-0 record.

Gunslinger fight in New Orleans. Clinching the west in Seattle. Five turnovers and still a win vs Pittsburgh. Jimmy G was there for every snap this season. Check out the Snowman’s take for more!

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