Social media is weathering the storm perfectly

The Man used to carry a certain tool for his amusements throughout history. These tools decide where and how he is going to spend his leisure time. There were various plays like playing polo like game but with the use of elephants, hunting, fishing and archery etc. But with the passage of time leisure underwent many changes and now it adopt its current shape that is worldly acknowledged as ‘social media’. This giant is also facing various issues as its predecessor was. The good thing is that social media has managed to weather the storm perfectly.

Social media is a network of different websites and apps allowing the users to interact with each other at their convenience without going anywhere. Some of the website and apps, popular worldwide, are facebook, instagram, twitter and youtube etc. These platforms are offer freedom of expression, free generation and sharing of content and fastest communication. But nothing comes with all the goods. There are some drawbacks of every system too.

Perfect system is not the one having no issues or drawback but the prefect system is one which offers reliable remedies for various situations. Same is the case with social media. One of the most commonly known benefits of social media is the freedom of expression that the system is offering. But on the other hand this freedom of expression has been proved as ultimate flaw of the whole system. This freedom has made social media users an easy victim to tame according to the rumors and propaganda. But many websites and apps are not going to let this all happened as they are eagerly working for the betterment of their system and to make the social media really a tool for freedom of expression these websites and apps continuously improving their policies.

Social media

Another feature of social media is the freedom to create content whenever and wherever one could wish to. We can say that this is what we have learnt in our classrooms while growing up, ‘sharing is caring’. Social media websites and apps are doing real great to bring this statement to life in our routine life as we are sharing our life styles, eating habits, clothing trends and adventures with all our loved ones. Like all the other features this one is also facing control issues as once shared content is like the words you spoke and now they are no longer yours. Shared content can easily be used by other users. Instagram, facebook and twitter are working without getting tired to put some checks on shared content and now with the help of the complex algorithm one can traced who shared the content. Again social media has cleared its way from the storm.


Social media is not an ordinary platform to have leisure; in fact, it is a complete industry offering employment to millions of unemployed persons around the globe. This industry mainly works for the resource management. In simple words people hire companies to help them grow their repute by the use of social media utilizing the online resources available. Growing brand names through social media requires smart work. This demands regular updates on your page, posting quality content, sharing the latest images and engaging more and more audience. Not only this but to increase your presence on social media you need to buy real instagram followers as well. This is just an option to boost your page.

To sum up the discussion, we can say that social media houses various features helping the modern man to spend their leisure time. This social networking ground has some limitations too. While using social media one must remember that, though he is free to create any type of content he wants to, he must have to follow the rules. Lastly, social media could be proved beneficial for the promotion of businesses online. Grow your brand names and repute by regular updates and buy instagram followers.

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