Social media, the most talked, most written and most engaged media for the last couple of years. Day by day the influence of social media upon the personal life of people is increasing. So, business owners are always in search of effective social media marketing tools that convert the traffic to buyers, and this is not easy, to change the motive of social media users.

Converting users to buyers or converting users who know the brand or product, a professional presence is required. This professional presence can not be achieved by posting irregular, copied, or some posts that are not attractive to the users as well as not good for the brand or product.

It is often said that “slow and steady wins the race”. But in this paced world of social media marketing, this may not work well. To compete with your competitors and to make a real audience that knows the brand, knows ins and out of the brand, it is important to do some research and use the data to capture the proper audience.

As an example of building a social media audience, we will talk about Instagram and we will talk about three proven tactics of Instagram hacks.

Use of Hashtags

Millions of social people are following hashtags. Proper hash tagged posts appear on the timeline of the users and it is important for your business. For example, the hashtag #brand is being followed by 27.5M followers. This means, if you use #brand hashtags, then your post will appear on the 27.5 Million users timeline. This is a real way to build an Instagram audience.

Paid Advertising

Small businesses often do not hire any professional social media marketing agency and they start using paid advertising on Instagram. Using paid advertising is a good option to reach clients but it costs a lot if not properly optimized. The problem is that ads that are not optimized will not be able to reach potential users or customers. In the long term, this is a loss as it fails to build a steady audience. The solution to this problem mentioned below.

Hiring Professional Social Media Marketing Agency

Thinking out of the box for social media marketing is not easy for an entrepreneur (very tight schedule, right??) but easy for a social media marketing agency, as it is their profession. There are some solutions that needs expertise. For example, for getting options like finding the targeted audience or managing dedicated chat options for businesses that need professional service.  If you are thinking of taking your business to the next step, you should hire a professional agency rather than spending money here and there haphazardly. I will give you some suggestions to help you to choose the best social media marketing agency.

  • Recently, many startups are blooming; focusing on social media marketing. For example, a social media agency in Bali has some solutions that can blow up your mind and help you to build a trusted audience.
  • Choose an agency that focuses on your target audience.
  • Many agencies offer the same services, choose an agency that has good experience in your work-related field.
  • Before signing the document, make sure to check the plan the agency made to ensure create branding or product sales.
  • Be sure to check the quality of the previous works of the agency you are going to hire to manage your brand or store.

Algo Sea Biz: Out of the Box Services

Algo Sea Biz is a social media marketing agency that operates from Bali, Indonesia. Recently, I learnt about the services they offer and found some quite interesting facts about their business. I am going to introduce to you the service they provide and will explain how it could be useful for your business.

Services offered:

  1. Responsive messaging
  2. Structured Posts
  3. Social Media Strategies
  4. Paid Advertising
  5. Graphic Design
  6. Social Interaction
  7. Targeted Audience Interaction
  8. Branding
  9. Content Management
  10. Concept Revisions
  11. Dedicated group chat options etc.

How Algo Sea Biz is Different from Others?

  • As mentioned before, experience matters and I love how Algo Sea Biz has vast experience in social media marketing. This is what I liked the most.
  • Algo Sea Biz thinks out of the box. They make concepts rather than copying from others.
  • They revise and stratify your old plan. Make the necessary changes to reach your goal.
  • The marketing plan they make, based on your demand, your audience demand, and overall brand demand.
  • The most important of all, their pricing is suitable for all types of business groups. From small business to corporate houses.

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