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Social Media: Top Blogging Tips for Beginners

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Being a newbie blogger or digital nomad writer, making money online while travelling, can be overwhelming. It’s a lot to learn, and it takes practice for creating copy worth reading. Moreover, it’s not easy, wandering your way through new trend themes and an abundance of content tools, yet asking yourself ‘How to start a blog’.

Blog gurus may say that you need just to start: take a deep breath, absorb and take each day one at a time. Great, okay, but where and with what? Any other advice for a newbie blogger? If you want to do your business through writing and SEO marketing plans, check out the following blogging tips to do everything the right way.

Tip 1: Content

Constant updating in media has been a good exploration of how quickly things change in that industry. The concept of blogging has evolved to become more inclusive of a variety of content.

Blog creation is no longer just about writing. To gain leads and online presence, you have to put efforts not just in writing words on the page but in showing the overall voice of a story through:

  • Great copy,
  • Infographics and photos,
  • Videos (vlogging),
  • Webinars,
  • Podcasts,
  • Interviews.

Tip 2: Stay Relevant

Additionally, you have to be regularly checking new trends and blog ideas in order to rich the next level and maintain your evergreen content. Here are a few sources to help you find new ideas and simply be ahead of the curve:

  • – Use Instagram and Facebook – social pools of ideas.
  • – Review books, films and competitors’ blogs,
  • – Google and check relevant ideas and topics,
  • – Find a supportive community and get motivated.
  • – Ask questions on Quora.

Tip 3: Platforms

You can build a personal or business blog on different platforms and social media:

  • – WordPress, Blogger, Medium, Joomla,
  • – Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Tumblr,
  • – Reddit, Podcasts, LiveJournal and more.

To create a blog in 2018, you have to pick at least a few platforms. If your blog lends itself well to stunning imagery, invest in Instagram. If you are an enthusiastic videographer, YouTube is you vlogging platform. Reddit is perfect for people that are good at discussions.

Tip 4: Email Automation

The most efficient way we still have for developing a business around a blog is through email listings. Simply, it’s a great possibility to monetize a website, provide updates that get seen on a regular basis and build trust.

Email marketing is still the most efficient way of online business. Once you create an email address, your readers are more likely to engage with you and your articles, meaning future promotions and benefits.

Tip 5: Copywriting

If you can be convincing with your words, you will be able to attract readers, create appealing descriptions and reviews, send emails and simply demonstrate why the comedy is better than the horror-movie.

You should learn how to create compelling headers and include call-to-actions somewhere in the article or use research paper writing service . It’s great if you have time to write longreads (long-form posts on the web). We are talking 1,500-3000 words article.

You can start your blog posts by choosing the right topic, keywords and target market. You have to do research in order to add appropriate keywords to your article. Note: long-tail keywords are great, and you can start using the Google Adwords service to improve your SEO.

Tip 6: Design

Your blog pages have to look beautiful and be useful. Optimizing the view and creating a wonderful visual content will bring you success. Therefore, make sure that post or page is mobile responsive. Further, provide your readers with good photos and check how to make unique images.

You have to think about colors and font. You can make a negative impression on your potential leads if you highlight all words in green or purple, or if you make a small font. If you want to follow a great style, check sites that offer design tips and UI tricks.

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