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Social Media: What Are Web Push Notifications?

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What comes to your mind when you heard the word, notifications? What’s the first thought that strikes through your brain? We’ll tell you, it’s a feeling of excitement, joy, a bit of nervousness and tons of butterflies simultaneously gushing through your biological system. Ding Dong!

We are not talking about social media notifications about your best friend following your girlfriend or your girlfriend just added a new guy to her friend list. That might be a notification, but surely is a bomb dropping straight from the sky and made you sing 21 pilots songs (Of course, tress and not heavy dirty soul) , there also another famous type of informational notification that are you need to know? Let’s start right away!

What exactly are Web Push Notifications?

They are the messages or maybe any kind of informational content that pops on your screen even when you are not exploring the website. Considered as an absolutely new channel in engaging your customers without even knowing their signed up Email address.

They work simply on certain aspects of IPs and you must have seen a pop up notification or a message that shows up in the end of your screen. Well, that’s exactly what the whole concept of web push notification actually is.

· Being Extremely Handy As They Reach Out To The Customer: Almost 70 to 80 percent of people felt providing information on a random form on the web extremely suspicious and tiresome.

And, for those simply enabling a notification bar can actually give you a great time. So, it’s simple, easy and extremely beneficial

· These notifications only work on the SSL sites and is an amazing feature for people who’ve to launch mobile apps just to get advantage of push notifications

Let’s Understand This With a little More Depth

As we’ve already mentioned in the above section about the reach and the advantages that a push service offer. One of the most fundamental and amazing one is, without knowing the email of the receiver, you can push your content, link or any of the information directly to them.

Here are the Advantages That You Must Know

1. The New Business Model

Digital marketing has been one of the most practiced arts used in this era. The reach and penetration of Internet has gone beyond any dimension and in a recent study from a famous University reveled that people with smart phone actively spend 7-8 hours on them.

Well, if you are a marketer or just launched your product on the web then there can be loads of ways for you to reach out to the customers. For example, you can implement Email marketing, Social media channels and most importantly Push notification.

The last one has helped various brands in jumping off from inbox to the directly to the screen of the device a person is using. Cool isn’t it!

Read Here the complete case study on “Push Notifications Explanation: A Complete Guide for The Beginners

1. No Downloading Needed

Initially Push notifications were only stayed valid for mobile Apps and that perhaps was the biggest huddle in both reaching out to the customer and benefitting from the technology. Now, the days have changed and so as the internet.

Don’t exhaust your Internet pack on the downloading Apps from play store as now users can opt in to the notification button straight from the website. They don’t need to download anything. They don’t need to install anything. They just click ‘Allow’, and they are subscribed

2. Wider Reach Across Browsers

Do you know the big three i.e. Safari, Firefox and Chrome have a combined share of around 77% of the total browser industry. With all these providing the best web push notifications, you can actually have the opportunity to know and expand your business to the great deal.

3. Content Delivery Assurance

Let’s admit this as we all know, there just can’t be enough evidence that you’re an Email send is being opened or not in case it got landed on the any other sector other than inbox.

Well to counter fight this potential problem, you can actually use Push notification as an appropriate option for you. All the information, based on the content, links, and newsletters can be easily delivered. And that too be without any problem.

4. Lead Generation is Far More Superior

The final word of every business is to generate quality traffic and for that all you need to do is to have people to opt for your product or service or anything regarding to it. If you are not making money then it’s pretty obvious that something is missing.

Are you pitching to the right people? What are the different marketing approaches that you need to follow up? Using the mentioned approach can actually give you the best possible results and would surely boost your business.

To Sum Up

We hope you had a decent time going through our blog and must have learned a lot from it. Have a great time ahead. Happy business!

Author Bio: Melissa D Jordan is a content writer who specializes in social media icon; email marketing campaigns and push notification. She had started her carrier from Growth Funnel in 2015. Growth help business and startups personalize their marketing like never before.

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