Almost all women love to do makeup and are very concerned about their skin. Some of them even choose it as their career. Some of you may be starting their journey towards this path or may be thinking of it but do not have courage. For all such women, we bring you Deisy Saurez Giles, the owner of DESAUR spa.


Deisy is an entrepreneur who founded the DESAUR Spa in Downtown LA. She has been in this industry for sixteen years. She was first a New York based makeup artist who started her Cosmetics shop, named Desaur Cosmetics. She always had the passion to be a beautician. She was a child who had made things like mud masks and scrubs in the sink of her kitchen. Following her dream, she became a licensed Esthetician and a certified therapist.

Educational Background

Deisy was a hard working girl from the start as she got involved in many popular activities in her university days. She got a Certificate of Spa and Hospitality management from the University of California Irvine Continuing Education Division.

What’s so special about Deisy?

Deisy did not become a Spa owner in a month or year instead she worked hard for sixteen persistent years to reach this post. She travelled more than 150 spas worldwide. Imagine the experience and knowledge of a person who has visited so many places. Due to all this experience and expertise in her industry, she earned the title of “Spa Connoisseur”.  Still, she is working to be perfect in all her subjects like spa, skin care and esthetics.

Moreover, she is a wife, a mother of two boys (who are under two years), a speaker and a philanthropist. She delivers speeches about his expertise-subjects at different places. Want to learn more about her? Follow her on Intagram .

More about Deisy

With being a great wife and mother, she manages and performs her work duties very well. She has a very caring relation with her work team. This relation between her and the team makes the DESAUR spa more than ordinary. Their treatments offer healing and high-end calmness to your mind and body. The other deals like therapy, waxing, and facials are also very effective. If you want to try them out, go to  to know about their timings and schedules.

“Marriage Material”

During the COVID days, Deisy too has to shut down her business for a short time. As she was free of spa work those days, she decided to write a book which she had included in her to-do list. She said that her husband and some of her friends also motivated her to write. According to her, the two journeys of her life have been very adventurous. One, her journey of Desaur spa and second, the journey of finding her husband and getting married to him. So, she wrote about the second journey and named this book as ‘Marriage Material, How I found my husband’. This book is also available on Amazon now. If you want to read it, go to Amazon and buy one from there. The link is following:






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