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Spence Dominated Algieri, Wins by Stoppage

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The wait was over and the main event was upon us as Errol Spence Jr was about to face Chris Algieri. Having to admit that the crowd was a little less crowded than expected, the excitement was still in the air as Spence was trying to prove he’s the next big thing while Algieri was trying to earn another shot at 1 of the top welterweights in the world. It was the quintessential “prove it” type of fight and normally that type of fight end up pretty good.

Spence and Algieri, as most guys do, came out feeling each other out, but it only took till round 2 for Spence to start pounding the body. Normally Algieri’s jab is a huge weapon for him, but Spence was not only able to nullify it early, but get inside enough that Algieri couldn’t even attempt to throw it. In round 3, Algieri’s face start to turn red and Spence continued the attack. The fight was being fought on the inside, which is a huge disadvantage to Algieri.

In round 4, the body punishment finally wore down Algieri enough that he went down to the canvas. Algieri at this point already had the expression on his face as if he had already fought 12 rounds. He just couldn’t keep Spence off of him. Then at 2:12 of the 5th round, Spence unleashed on Algieri, 1st knocking him down, then going for the hard attack. Spence cocked back his left and rocked Algieri to the point where the ref immediately waived the fight done.

Spence won the fight impressively by TKO in the 5th. Algieri was seated on the side of the ring, never even made it back to his corner. He had red face, red sides from body shots, and he looked completely out of it. Errol Spence Jr put the welterweight division on notice, and with him being the mandatory for Kell Brook, this, already exciting, division, just got a little more interesting.

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