Square Planter Boxes

Square Planter Boxes are quite in fashion and part of almost every other household. They are mostly preferred for homes that do not have much space to keep a plant pot. They are stylish and elegant that makes the corner look more beautiful. Be it indoors or outdoors, Square Planter Boxes can be kept anywhere without worrying about space.

Nowadays, we can see many people are switching to gardening in their homes as a hobby. Indeed, gardening is a good activity as a hobby as it helps to maintain a good and healthy environment itself. People are fond of keeping flowering pots or growing herbs in their private gardens. People take care of their plants as if it is their child and is a tranquillizing sight to look at.

Container gardening is one of the many ways of gardening that people follow indoors due to lack of space for gardening. This also serves the purpose of a decorative piece that enhances the ambience. Small herbs such as thymes, basil chives and a host of other herbs that require minimum space can be grown in containers at home. We can find many houses, restaurants or galleries that choose container gardening as it is cost-effective, in vogue, adorning and easy to place.

However, it is necessary to understand the prerequisites before choosing container gardening as a hobby. Choosing the right pot or container for plants is necessary. You can find many varieties of planter boxes in various sizes and materials in the market. Here, we are going to talk about Square Planter Boxes. These boxes come in almost any type of material and size such as clay, ceramic, wood, plastic.

Going For Square Planter Boxes Will Not Make You Regret Because

  • No more worries about space: Space crunch? No more worries because these boxes do not require much space and can squeeze into any corner perfectly and make the surroundings more attractive.
  • It is in fashion: People tend to follow the trend that they see around them, that is why it has to be mentioned that these cute planter boxes are trending and in style. They fit into any place inside or outside without disturbing the surrounding space. We can see them almost everywhere nowadays. Especially hotels, restaurants, shopping malls decorate their premises with these square-shaped planter boxes.
  • Soil and some more soil: Due to their broad edges square boxes can hold more soil as compared to the round ones. Unlike the round pots, square planters have more space and depth in them that makes it convenient to put more soil.
  • Long-lasting and cost-effective: They are space-saving and long-lasting. These Square Planter Boxes can be kept anywhere to enhance the curb appeal of the surrounding. Square boxes have higher durability and require very little to no maintenance.
  • Bunch of plants: Due to the square shape of the planter boxes and the amount of soil they hold, it is possible to plant more than one mini-sized plants in them. Multiple plants such as basil and other types of flowering plants can fit into these planter boxes. However, it is recommended to avoid doing this. In order to prevent the plants from being deprived of adequate water and nutrition, they should be planted in separate planter boxes.
  • Drains out excess water: Clay allows airflow as it is porous and square-shaped planter boxes that are made of clay facilitates the flow of air to the soil and plants thrive better. Square boxes are suitable for their survival as these are spacious and facilitate the drainage of excess water easily without damaging the health of the plants.

Square Planter boxes are in high demand for container gardening as it is convenient to maintain. These cute-looking pots are spacious for plants and beautify the premises where they are kept.

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