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Stephen Curry: Is It Possible He Could Leave The Golden State Warriors?

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At first thought, no, but the NBA is crazier than a nut house. The Golden State Warriors will find themselves in a tight situation come July when Stephen Curry hits the market. On one hand, they will have Curry and on the other, they will have Durant and his option. One will stay, one will go, but who?

To the Curry fans, it’s impossible, but to an NBA fan, nothing is impossible. Did you think LeBron James would leave Cleveland and go to Miami, then leave Miami and return to Cleveland? Did you ever imagine seeing Michael Jordan, Derrick Rose in anything other than a Bulls uniform or Dwyane Wade not in a Heat uniform? Anything is possible when winning is involved.

The Warriors hold the key here, as they can offer Curry the most but what if Curry decides his services are needed elsewhere. Can the Warriors still be relevant with just Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and possibly Durant? Yes, maybe not 73 wins relevant but good enough to challenge for a title every year. Curry and the Warriors have had a great relationship so far, and him leaving may not be in the cards, but it’s a real possibility.

Let’s say the Warriors fail to win a championship for the second straight year and a team like the San Antonio Spurs come calling with LaMarcus Aldridge, Pau Gasol, Kwahi Leonard, or the Philadelphia 76ers with him and Russell Westbrook and their young, talented frontcourt, then what? Will he feel like Durant, and think the Warriors have reached their ceiling and will go looking for a new challenge?

It’s not about the money, Curry will get his regardless, it’s about the thrill of winning and if he feels he has accomplished everything he set out to do with the Warriors then his days in Golden State could very well be over.

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