Backless dresses are a complete dream in the height of summer or for wedding season. They’re flattering, eye-catching and keep you cool when the sun is blaring down on you or for when you’re revelling in those balmy summer nights. Although they are a total event style staple, they can take a little more consideration when it comes to wearing a styling a backless dress – particularly a plunging, low back number. This definitely isn’t going to be rocket science, but you’ll need to put more time and effort into this piece than you would a tradition A-line or princess style frock. If you’ve landed on your dream backless dress and you’re proceeding with slight caution, not to worry, these tips and tricks have got you covered…

Find the right undies

The painful saga of finding the right undergarment for really any event dress is all too well known by women of all shapes and sizes. Obviously, with a low back style, this mission becomes all the more trying. But there’s no need to despair, you’ve just got to know what you’re looking for! You can find a world of interesting and backless appropriate wear out there. Look for pieces that stick on, have a plunging low band or are half structured. You should be trying on a few different options with your dress to find the exact right one. The wrong choice can compromise your whole look, so give yourself plenty of time to find the perfect match!

Prepare your back

Your back’s going to need a little TLC if it’s going to be out for the world to see! Try and avoid any tan lines, give yourself a nice exfoliation and moisturise and even consider adding some subtle body highlights to complete your goddess-like look!

Consider your hairstyle

Once your undies and back all primped and prepped, it’s time to sort your hair! Now, if you’ve got long locks that flow down your back, the backless look is going to be totally hidden! If you’ve got mid to long hair, you should absolutely consider wearing it in an updo or sweeping side braid. This will show off your dress and add an extra special something to the outfit. For the ladies with cropped hair, bobs or pixie cuts, a simple embellished slide clip will add a gorgeous touch to your look!

Get creative with embellishments

Your back doesn’t have to be completely bare! You could look into getting yourself some temporary metallic tattoos, wearing a necklace pendant backwards or adding a little extra highlighter than you normally would! If you’re itching to try out the backless look during the winter months, get creative and layer a sheer long sleeve bodysuit underneath your frock. This is sure to add a cool, 90s vibe to your outfit.

Balance accordingly

Be sure to apply some moderation to the rest of your outfit. A low back dress can be pretty revealing, so opt for a demure neckline, elegant shoes and fresh, glowy make-up for a perfectly polished and sophisticated special occasion look.

By following these five fabulous pointers, you can be sure that you are going to stun the room at your next big night! Backless dresses are contemporary, fashion-forward and amazingly mesmerising, so really, it’s hard to go wrong!

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