By Connor Christopher

Vegas casinos – the promised land for gamblers the world over. Even if you’ve never played a game of poker in your life you’d probably still jump at the chance to head to Sin City and lay some money on the table. But not so fast!

There are some serious players in Vegas and knowing your blackjack from your baccarat is only half the battle. When you’re playing a high stakes game on the strip you have to really live for the moment, and a lot of that comes down to whether you look the part or not. Just imagine how much better a win would feel if you were dressed to impress instead of being sat there in an old pair of shorts and your “lucky” shirt with the hole in.

Here’s a guide for looking so good in a Vegas casino that you’d even put James Bond to shame.

Dust off the tuxedo: A shirt and tie is fine, but if you really want to look like a million bucks then it’s time to dust off – or even invest – in a well-made tux. A slim cut, fitted tuxedo is perfect, just make sure to rely on mainly neutral colours like black, navy and grey. You could go for the red tuxedo but then people will probably be talking more about your outfit than your playing skills, and that’s not the way of the high roller.

Don’t forget the shoes: There’s an old saying that goes something like, “a man is often judged by the shoes that he wears on his feet”. Shoes are sometimes an afterthought, but they are one of the most important pieces of the puzzle when you’re putting together your high rolling outfit. You could go for a nice pair of lace-ups, or even a smart part of leather loafers that look gorgeous when polished up properly.

The choice is yours, just leave the sandals at home.

Flash your watch: If you’re playing a casino game then chances are your forearms will be resting against the table and your watch will be there for all to see. This is an underappreciated aspect to the high roller look – how are you supposed to impress the dealer and onlookers if you’re straining your eyes to look at the clock in the distance just to get the time?

Show off your best bling and invest in a top quality watch that will have people wondering how much you had to win to get it.

Being a high roller in Las Vegas is as much about looking the part as it is about gambling large amounts of money during the course of the night. With your tux, your shoes and your watch you’ll be ready to paint the town red, let’s just hope your skills can match up to the look.

Make sure you grab your beginners guide to Poker before you jet off, and then prepare to turn heads when you walk out on the casino floor.