The world of fashion adores women’s things that are inspired by menswear, but why not just go to the men’s section instead? There are reasons for this. Often, if similar items are on sale for both men and women, the man’s item will be cheaper, and sometimes you will find hidden gems that you would not come across among the ladies clothes.

Sweaters: Men’s wool or cashmere sweaters are generally a better quality and more comfortable than those in the women’s section. A regular style will be oversized, without looking as though you have purchased the wrong one. If you are petite this could be a bit overwhelming, and then perhaps you should choose a more slim-fitting style.

Cashmere sweaters, like the ones in the John Henric US collection, particularly, will keep you warm in the winter months, and they will likely be of a better quality than the ones in the women’s section. Not only that, but because they are likely to be bigger, th4ey are much cozier to snuggle into too.

Sneakers: Men’s sneakers are so much trendier than women’s, and often have features that the ladies ones do not have. Sneakers can be the perfect accompaniment for several different types of outfits, and if you have bought yours from the menswear section, you are not likely to be wearing the same ones as any other women you meet.

Ties: Ties and bow ties are not something you usually expect women to wear but they can be the perfect accessories for a casual outfit. They do not need to be worn in a formal way and will look good if they are loose around your neck. They come in plain colors and patterns, and you can always find something to suit the attire you will be teaming them with.

Button-Down Shirts: It is very hard to find button-down shirts for women, and very easy to find them in men’s sections. They are a classic item that can dress up any casual outfit, and you can wear them for most occasions. They are roomier and comfortable and look great on their own just tucked into a pair of jeans, trousers or skirt.

Duffle Bags: Duffle bags are perfect for carrying everything you need, and the ones in the men’s section are just more interesting. They have enough space to put everything in, including some overnight clothes if you are having a sleepover. In the men’s section, they have them in all shapes, sizes, and colors, whereas in the women’s section there tends to be a much more limited choice.

Belts And Scarves: If you are after a real leather belt, or a silk neck scarf, you are far more likely to find them in the men’s section. As must have fashion accessories, you will find the choice is much greater than for women, and they are generally better made. You might need to add an extra notch into the belts, depending on your size, but if you can find one that will work for you, it’s so worth it.

There may well come a time when the two sections meet. It may be that underwear will be separated, but other things will be unisex. It just has to be hoped that the women’s clothes will gain from this and that the men’s’ do not lose their style.

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