When it comes to bathroom design, there are many different routes you can go down. From stylish contemporary décor, to traditional or eclectic themes, you can express your personality and play around with all kinds of attractive décor styles in this space. Alongside the overall décor of the room comes the stylish design features, these are the features that complete the look of the room and add that extra pop of character.


Luxury Hardware

It’s amazing how much of a difference a stylish, luxury set of door pulls or handles can make to a room. The moment you introduce a bold pair of handles you’ll instantly notice a change in the overall aesthetic of the cabinet or drawer, which in turn enhances the whole space. By opting for slightly more expensive, luxury knobs or handles, you can make the whole area look chic without having to make many changes at all.

Furniture Knob Smoked Bronze | £67.00 | Buster & Punch


Magnificent Mirrors

It’s essential to have a mirror in the bathroom, for a whole host of practical bathroom purposes, but this is also a feature you can really make the most of. Mirrors are ideal for helping to reflect natural light around the room and create a fresh, clean feel that works perfectly within the bathroom. Whether you’re looking for a neat mirror to sit above the sink, or you want a bold, statement mirror to change the whole dynamic of the room, you can always get away with adding mirrors that bring character to the space.


Slimline Magnify Wall Mirror | £55 | Amara


Trendy Towel Rings

If you’re looking for ways to add a subtle touch of luxury to your bathroom, then introducing a trendy towel ring will certainly do the job. Towel rings are extremely practical and useful, providing you with a neat place to hang your towel, making it much easier for the towel to dry properly. It’s also much better than having your towel draped over the radiator and blocking out essential heat flow! Towel rings are perfect for positioning next to the sink or shower to make towels easily accessible, whilst also adding a touch of style to the wall.

Sonia Genoa Towel Ring | £175.20 | Soakology


Relaxing Scented Candles

For the perfect finishing touch, your bathroom needs a relaxing, calming candle to create that ideal atmosphere. Whether you’re having a soothing bubble bath, or simply want to add a lovely scent to the space, you can transform the overall feel within the bathroom with a beautiful candle.

Complete Bliss Scented Candle | £150 | Neom

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