Home security in today’s day and age is incredibly important. However, it can also be incredibly complex, from alarm systems to security cameras and much more. Home security can be complex enough, without the introduction of technology and the systems required to maintain it. So, if you are searching for a way to protect your home without the need to run cables, install wiring and set up communications systems, then use this guide to identify your tech-free home security solution.

Entries and exits

When it comes to home security, the oldest and simplest way was to protect the entry and exit points of your home. If you break down the act of someone getting into your home, it really boils down to just that, how are they are going to get in. When protecting my home, I opted for Crimsafe security screens.

Screens on doors and windows are the best way to protect your home in a tech-free way. In addition to the protection, it will provide if someone does try to break it, the mere look of security screens may be enough to deter a burglar. Security screens are tough, built to last and also built to withstand some serious force. Do your research and find the toughest screens for to protect the entry and exit points of your home.


Locking your doors is the simplest and possibly most tech-free way to protect your home. With that said, not all locks are equal. A deadbolt is a much stronger, more effective alternative to a simple door knob locking mechanism. A deadbolt helps to ensure added security, as it takes a lot of force to break through.

Often times, a potential burglar is looking for a simple way to break in, such as a door or window left unlocked. Deadbolt locks are a great way to avoid this, as they automatically lock when a door is closed. This means that, whenever you are home or whenever you leave and that door is shut behind you, the deadbolt is taking over to protect the house. A deadbolt is a great added source of protection to the existing locking mechanism on your door as well.

Sign posted

If you do not have a security alarm protecting your home, doesn’t mean you can’t have the signage it comes with. A “security alarm installed on this property” sign is a fantastic and clever way to deter potential home invaders. It doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands on the alarm system either. Of course, there is a chance that an individual may still try to break in, but it is sure to put at least a few potential burglars off, which is a win in any situation.

Motion sensor lights

Lighting is another great low-tech way to protect your home. All hardware stores will offer a great range of lighting options including lights that need to be hardwired in and an alternative option that doesn’t require any wiring at all. They even have solar powered options to help reduce the electricity bill while protecting your home.

Motion sensor lights are a great way to light up the entry and exit points of your home. That way, if any unwelcome visitors are hanging around at night, the light will ensure you and any of your neighbours are aware of it as well. Often these lights can act as a last minute deterrent to any burglars who get any ideas.

Home security is today a huge industry where the options can seem endless. From alarms and cameras, to the more low-tech options, such as bars on the windows. Protecting your home doesn’t have to mean installing technologically-advanced equipment which costs a fortune. Instead, try using some of these simple low-tech options to protect your home from any unwelcome visitors.

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