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“Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow”

A week removed from the much-anticipated loved ones visit, the eight remaining castaways immediately began looking ahead in the game. Last tribal council on Survivor: Game Changers saw Sierra voted off, which had some serious implications for Sarah.

Sierra had the legacy advantage, and because she was voted out, Sierra willed the advantage to another castaway. That castaway was Sarah, who also had another advantage that allowed her to steal a vote from another castaway.

This episode featured two tribal councils, so they got underway with the immunity challenge right out of the gate. The castaways had to build a house of cards one card at a time while holding the house up with their other hand. Aubry was able to build her house in record time, despite having to adjust her tower near the end of the challenge, and walked away with individual immunity. At the first tribal council, Brad and Andrea were essentially the two big targets. Ultimately, Brad lived to see another day as the tribe voted out Andrea and sent her to the jury.

The next immunity challenge saw the castaways start perched on a pole in the water. They then had to use a bucket with holes in it to fill up a pole that sent up a key. With that key, the castaways then unlocked a number of puzzle pieces that they had to put together. After a near win from Michaela, Brad was able to fix his puzzle in time to win individual immunity. While Brad was ecstatic, other castaways were not so happy since Brad was their target.

Back at camp after the challenge, Sarah decided to show her trust to Cirie by handing her the advantage of the extra vote. However, Cirie was in for a bit of a surprise at tribal council when she tried to use the advantage against Sarah. What Cirie didn’t know was that, while she had the advantage from Sarah, the advantage itself is non-transferable. Basically, Sarah was the only one able to actually use the advantage.

After some back and forth thinking, Sarah used her advantage and stole Tai’s vote. With that extra vote, she was able to help vote out Michaela and send her to the Jury.

In a bit of irony, the extra vote advantage was sitting under Michaela earlier in the game during a reward challenge. Due to an odd number of castaways, Michaela sat out. However, she was too busy sulking and moping about not being picked to notice it. Sarah did following the challenge and swam over and grabbed it. So basically, Michaela’s attitude caused her to miss out on a secret advantage that would later contribute to her being voted out of the game.

Let’s Break Things Down

Strongest Survivor:

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Hands down the Strongest Survivor this week is Sarah. Aside from having the advantages, she was able to help get Sierra voted off, which led to Sierra willing the legacy advantage to Sarah. Perhaps her move at the next tribal council proved how strong of a player she is.

Sarah decided to not only tell Cirie about her advantage of stealing a vote, she gave that advantage to Cirie. Cirie then attempted to use the advantage and steal Sarah’s vote. Unfortunately for Cirie, the advantage didn’t exactly work that way. A big part of the advantage was at the bottom of the envelope where it explained that the advantage itself is non-transferable.

Sarah was able to give the advantage to someone else to hold onto, as she did, as a sign of trust. However, according to the advantage, Sarah is the only one who can actually use it. She wound up using it to help send Michaela to the jury.

Plus, she still has the legacy advantage.

Soon To Be Snuffed:

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Tai has been able to hold onto his two idols for a while now, but it looks like things took a turn following tribal council. After Sarah stole Tai’s vote, Tai felt like he is not in control as much as he thought he was.

There were many weeks where it seemed like they would blindside Tai and send him home with his idols in his pocket. Now, it seems like he is getting desperate to stay in the game. This certainly ought to make for an interesting Survivor finale.

It All Comes Down To Next Week

Next week is the two-hour season finale that will see six castaways whittled down to three. The final three then hope that the jury swings in their favor.

Survivor: Game Changers airs Wednesdays at 8 pm/7 CT.

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