On Monday night Angel Hernandez had a terrible night calling balls and strikes no matter which team was at the plate. Wednesday he got an opportunity to redeem himself by using replay to make sure a ball hit by Adam Rosales was a double (the ruling on the field) or a game tying home run off Cleveland Indians closer Chris Perez.

After a lengthy review, Hernandez did not overturn the call. Interestingly enough after the game he didn’t allow for an interview to get recorded, which only shows that he’s hiding something and that got made fraudulently. From Indians fans to Indian players each one knew it was a home run and the only individuals that didn’t were the umpires.

Meaning that Hernandez made a bogus claim when he said “I don’t know what kind of replay you had, but you can’t reverse a call unless there’s 100 percent evidence.” He also had all access to the feeds at the ballpark that clearly show the baseball hitting the railing over the yellow line.

For Major League Baseball there’s no escaping from this blown call. Replay got implemented to take away human error and in this case it didn’t. There’s no way for the Oakland Athletics to protest the game, so the 4-3 loss will stand. Some people have insisted that Bud Selig step in and give Rosales the home run.

This would also mean giving the two teams credit for a tie, which doesn’t make sense. Instead the call should obviously get reversed and the two teams should pick up from two outs in the top of the ninth and play the game from that point on.

Over the last few years expanded replay seemed necessary for baseball. Now the only way to put in such a system in place is to take away the power from the umpires on reviewing the calls. In those situations there’s going to either be bias or the belief of “I’m always right there’s no way I missed that call.”

Susan Slusser of SFGate made this point in a Tweet as well.

A’s manager Bob Melvin seconded that notion according to Slusser as well.

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