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NBA: How the Warriors are taking pressure off other NBA teams

The Warriors are off to a historic start to the NBA season. The recently had their 28-game winning streak snapped by the Milwaukee Bucks, but still remain on pace to end with the best record of all time and break the Chicago Bulls' 72-10 record. While the Warriors are dominating the NBA with a 24-1 start, they are also relieving some pressure off of other teams. Maybe not it is
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NBA: The Cavaliers Have Competition in the Eastern Conference

For the past few seasons the Eastern Conference has been known as the weaker of the two in the NBA. Teams in the East were viewed as "easy wins" for opposing teams, but this year is proving to be different. The Cleveland Cavaliers are still the great team many expected, the problem for the Cavaliers is the other Eastern Conference teams are better than expected. In 2015-2016, the NBA has
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NBA: The Houston Rockets Will Turn Their Season Around

The Houston Rockets got off to a rocky start to the 2015-16 NBA season and did not look like a team that reached the Western Conference Finals one season ago. James Harden was struggling to shoot the ball, Ty Lawson was not fitting in the starting line up, and Dwight Howard was seeming to be on the decline of his career. After starting 4-7, the Houston organization decided some changes
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NBA: The Resurgence of the Indiana Pacers

The Indiana Pacers of old faced the Miami Heat in consecutive Eastern Conference Finals, played the best defense, and were the favorites to win it all at times. That was only a few, short seasons ago and, after a couple rough years, the Pacers are back on track. The Indiana Pacers are 12-5 and now only trail the Cleveland Cavaliers by half of a game for the best record in
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NBA: Veterans Showing Different Adaptations to Age

Entering the NBA as a promising, young rookie feels like centuries ago for some veterans players today. From Kevin Garnett to Kobe Bryant, veteran NBA players in today's game must adjust their style of play from when they first started out. Not all players with over ten years of NBA experience adapt to age the same way. Some players suffer injuries as they grow older, thus forcing them to retire.
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NBA: These Are Not the Mavericks People Expected

The Dallas Mavericks are off to a hot 9-4 start to the 2015-16 NBA season and no one anticipated this level of play. Dallas is currently riding a six game wining streak and it is amazing to see the job the Mavericks are doing with their current roster. When every NBA analyst was making their NBA season predictions, not a single one predicted the Mavericks would be third in the Western Conference standings.
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2013 NBA Trade Rumors : LaMarcus Aldridge To Stay With Blazers.

When rumors surfaced a few days ago that stated LaMarcus Aldridge was unhappy in Portland and wanting a trade, denial from Aldridge was completely expected. Aldridge being one of the teams cornerstones along with Damian Lillard, Wesley Matthews, and Nicholas Batum, there was absolutely no way the Blazers would succumb to any sort of demands to trade Aldridge. The denial came Saturday. In an e-mail to The Oregonian, according to
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Curry To Break Allen’s Three-Point Record On Wednesday

The Golden State Warriors will have the sixth seed in the Western Conference locked up with a win over the Portland Trail Blazers on the road or a loss by the Houston Rockets against the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday. Besides the playoff positioning, point guard Stephen Curry needs to make two three-pointers to break Ray Allen's record of 269 made in a single season. He got a chance Monday to tie the record as he made seven of 13 attempts on Monday against
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2012 NBA Draft: Is It The Worst In NBA History?

In 2005 the NBA made the now infamous rule (one-and-done) that put an age limit on when an individual can declare for the draft. Arguably the two biggest impact to the game has been the lack of developing talent at the college level, which has translated to poor play at the professional level. While it became necessary for the league to make changes to the draft, commissioner David Stern failed to understand the ramifications
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Warriors Beat Lakers For The First Time Since 2011

The Golden State Warriors earn their first win over the Los Angeles Lakers at the Oracle Arena for the first time since 2011 and it also created some space from the Houston Rockets who came into tonight's contest just a half game behind for the sixth spot in the Western Conference. It was clear how the Lakers were going to go after the Warriors to start the game by getting the ball inside to Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol and yet