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Money: The Advantages Of Using A Customized Loan Origination System

Every company understands the importance of technology to improve business processes. However, the hassles of adopting new technology can create disturbance in the existing systems, and that becomes a cause for worry. This fear is logical and there are solutions to address the issue. This is where customized solutions become crucial. A business should opt for customized software solutions that fit perfectly with their existing IT infrastructure and business processes.
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Social Media: SEO Tactics That Are No Longer Effective In 2015

In 2015, SEO has become even more challenging for digital marketers. Thanks to the Google Penguin algorithm and Panda updates over the last few years, it is quite obvious that digital marketing as far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned, is going through a constant change. Due to this volatility, it becomes essential for digital marketers to become smart with their SEO strategies and tactics. They need to stay abreast
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TrackMyFone Review: The Parental Control App To Monitor Generation Z

Kids that have been born in the early 2000's have basically grown up with “smart” technology. We call these kids Generation Z. They’ve never known a world without iPhones, or devices without WiFi. Therefore, the way they use their smartphones and tablets is infinitely different to how their parents use their smartphones and tablets. In this situation, a digital gap may emerge that makes it difficult for parents to properly
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Social Media: Things to Consider Before Choosing an Institute for SEO Courses

First of all you must concern yourself with knowing the purpose of pursuing SEO courses. You cannot undermine the role of SEO experts in today’s fast-paced hi-tech life. The numbers of websites are constantly on the rise and website owners are perspiring to find top SEO rankings. It is pretty tough to achieve top SEO rankings without professional help. SEO experts help you to achieve top ranks on the Google
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Health: Why Engage Meaningful Use Stage 2 Consultants?

Irrespective of the competence a healthcare provider has, it can be an extremely challenging experience to achieve successful Meaningful Use (MU) as per schedule. The issue becomes all the more difficult because even though many healthcare providers have attested to Stage 1 of Meaningful Use and received the incentive payments, the next stage has requirements that are even more rigorous. The exchange of health information and engagement of patients are
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Tech: Salesforce Taking the World by Storm

If you are running a company with a large customer base, then you are already aware of the importance of Customer Relationship Management. Without your customers, your company will have no value, and hence it is important to keep them pleased. Also, it is vital that you have secure records of all customer information and interactions too. The best way to go about this is to use a CRM application,
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Video Games: Mass Effect ‘Andromeda’ Will Keep Fans On Their Toes

The Mass Effect saga continues in unfamiliar terrain. Bioware and Electronic Arts decided to follow in the footsteps of one of television’s most dramatic science fiction epics, Stargate Atlantis. What happens when an award-winning video game franchise takes this same approach of traveling to a different galaxy and facing a new enemy? There is a good chance that new mysteries, new dangers, and new enemies will bring even more intrigue
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Business Startups: InSize Hopes To Fix Interbrand Sizing

  It is a problem many consumers face with everyday when it comes to shopping. Finding the right size. That perfect size that offers both a flatter shape and contour, yet enough proverbial room to be comfortable. While shopping in the nearest Macy’s, Target, Gap or Banana Republic is easy, some consumers value the privacy of shopping for their favorite wardrobe garments from the privacy of their own home—and their
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Politics: With Recent NYSE Data Hack, Is It Time For Government Regulation?

Thanks to the recent breach of the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street Journal and United Airlines websites, which resulted in a four-hour delay in stock trading, the WSJ website being offline and major airline flights grounded that resulted in the breach of personal data of 22.5 million individuals, a once-touchy subject, may have grown a new set of proverbial legs. Government regulation of the internet. While the internet is
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Tech: STRIVR Labs’ Virtual Reality Headset Could Be Sports Game Changer

Virtual reality training for football players has arrived. STRIVR Labs Inc., a Silicon Valley-based virtual reality (VR) technology company, has developed patent-pending technology that will allow players to get real game experience without being near the field. Developed and tested during the 2014 football season at Stanford University, the technology has received incredible buzz and already counts the Dallas Cowboys and several major college programs among the early adopters. Football