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MLB: Will Edgar and The Crime Dog Get The Call to the Hall?

Just about a week ago, the new Hall of Fame ballot was released, and within seconds of its release, the debate began again. Should Pete Rose, the All-Time Hit King, be allowed into the Hall? You know what, my opinion on this topic is going to stay shrouded in mystery (OK, not really mystery, I think he should be in, but that is not what this column is about). No,
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Ichiro Suzuki Closing In On 4,000 Career Hits

Current New York Yankees outfielder Ichiro Suzuki will soon accomplish an impressive feat by picking up his 4,000 professional hit which will get combined with his MLB career and his time in Japan. The question is so what? There's no question that it's an incredible individual accomplishment. Yet, in 2001 when he first appeared as a rookie with the Seattle Mariners all the talk about Ichiro was about how much power he possessed and the performances he put on in batting practice. At the time with Bret