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Galveston Gorgeous! Q and A With Glamour Model, Jenny Garza

Galveston, Texas. The Oleander City. A coastal and resort town located on Galveston and Pelican Islands, this unique city of 50,000-plus is its own kind of Texas cool. Known for it's world-famous Port of Galveston, the home port of Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Magic, Galveston is a popular tourist destination in the Gulf Coast and South, that has helped it earned the nickname of
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South African Siren! Q and A With Glamour and Lingerie Model, Ash Tove

South Africa. To many in today’s millennial generation, it is a country on the southern tip of Africa, that is far away. For other’s of older generation’s such as myself, the images of Nelson Mandela are as crystal-clear as the newest 4K television. Apartheid, the systematic and discriminatory segregation law that keep the majority black population from the wealthier yet minority class whites, was the reason why Mandela, at the
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Cincinnati Kid! Q and A with Swimwear and Glamour Model Whitney Morrow

Cincinnati, Ohio. The Queen City. They say good things come in small sizes. In the case of this vital riverfront and shipping city on the Ohio River of close to 300,000, the so-called “Queen City” rules all. Known for it’s famous skyline chili, zoo, their beloved Reds and NFL Cincinnati Bengals, “Cincy’ as it is called also boasts two storied hoops universities in the form of the University of Cincinnati
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British Glamour Babe! Q and A With Fashion Model Steph Powell

With summer right around the corner, now is the type to be bold, daring and honestly not giving a you-know-what. As we move from our old winter clothes and into more colorful spring and summer attire. Instead of wearing long, dreary and dull overcoats, stuffy scarfs and restrictive rain gear, individuals can now bust out their spring and summer wear such as beach trousers, sandals, bikinis, thongs and sunglasses. Like