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Celebrity: Why Divorce In Hollywood Is The Deepest Cut of All

We now live in an age where celebrity means more than just being a star on film, television on a sporting arena. No, now we need to know every single detail about the lives of these people, so we can live vicariously or enjoy a little schadenfreude at their expense. Most of the time nowadays a celebrity marriage lasts about as long Usain Bolt running the 100 meters. This summer
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Entertainment: Magic Mike XXL Official Trailer Released (VIDEO)

A few days ago, Hannah Davis was revealed to be this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue's cover girl. Since then, that cover image has been making the rounds on the internet at a blistering pace. Thus, anyone wishing to admire her scantly clad, female form (guilty as charged) hasn't had to search very long. In an effort to provide a sense of balance and equality, here is the official trailer