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How To Fix The Cleveland Browns By 2016

CLEVELAND – 24 hours after yet another second-half collapse in a 34-20 loss to the visiting Arizona Cardinals, it may be time for owner Jimmy Haslam to consider cleaning house. To quote a meme on Facebook from fellow INSCMagazine’s Senior Browns beat writer Matthew Wilder, watching the Browns play is like watching the movie Titanic every Sunday and rooting for the ship, if that is the case, then after seeing
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Daily Fantasy Sports: Fans or Fantasy? The Death of True Fandom

This may just be me, but I am a huge New York Jets fan, crazy enough I am not from New York, it was not something “passed down” to me, yet when I was a kid, I told my parents I liked the team in green. Stuck with it ever since, can I say I am a die-hard fan, not necessarily, but fantasy is not that important to me. Basically
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Lamar Odom: Former Laker All-Star Facing The Toughest Opponent Ever

It’s a long way down from NBA Champion to being found unconscious at a brothel just outside of Las Vegas, but sadly that is the trip former All-Star Lamar Odom has taken. On Tuesday afternoon, the Nye County Sherriff got a call at about 3:15 PM for an unresponsive male at the Love Ranch. Turns out that Odom arrived at the Ranch Saturday and was partying with the girls for
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Blog: An Open Letter to Jan Morgan From An American Muslim

Salaam Alaykum rahmatu’Allaahi wa Barakato, or may the peace and blessing of God almighty be upon you. I hope that this letter reaches you in the best of Iman. Please let me introduce myself even though you had been my Facebook friend since 2012. My name is Steven Pearce, I am an American Muslim from Redding, CA. I became a Muslim in 1997, so I have been Muslim for 18
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Opinion: Why We All Need To Stand With Ahmed Mohamed

14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed brought a homebuilt clock to MacArthur High School in Irving, TX with intent to impress his teachers. Instead, he ended up in handcuffs and sent to a detention center on Monday. His teachers had thought he brought a bomb to school and had him arrested. His parents were not allowed to sit with him while he was questioned by the school authority and the Dallas Police Department.
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Iran Nuclear Deal: Why Nuclear Energy Is Not The Answer

As an American Muslim, I have been asked routinely my view about Iran’s nuclear energy policy. And for years, I have had the same response. I believe that Iran’s leadership is not looking out for the best interest of the people, and that their true goal is not for just having nuclear plants, but instead want to have Nuclear weapons. In an age where sustainability and environmental awareness is growing.
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Kim Davis: God Is Not Homophobic, But You Certainly Are

When you live in a civilized society there are laws made that you agree with like murder, rape, theft and some you may not agree with certain drug laws, speeding laws, smoking laws, but it does not mean you can pick and choose which laws are worth following and which ones aren’t. When the highest court in the land comes down with a ruling, like it or not, it becomes
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MLB: An Open Letter To Curt Schilling From An American Muslim

I hope that this letter finds you in the best of health and spirit, God willing. Hello Mr. Schilling. Let me introduce myself. My name is Steven Pearce and I am an American Muslim who was born and raised in Redding, CA. I was not always a Muslim but took my shahada or Islāmic declaration of faith 17 years ago. Please let me get right to the point. As an
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MLB: Comparing Baseball To Football, Like Chess vs. Checkers

My esteemed colleague here at The Inscriber, Michael Soltesz has written a brilliant piece that you not only can, but must read on whether baseball has passed it’s prime, and if so what if anything can be done about it. You can read it right here, and I highly suggest you do. Now first I want to say this piece is brilliantly written, it is thought provoking and if you