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Box Office Report: 2 Guns Tames “The Wolverine”, Opens With $27 Million Debut

Another week, another new #1 film at the box office. This week Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington’s action/comedy “2 Guns” managed to take down “The Wolverine” with a debuting 27.3 million over the weekend. The film about a DEA agent and naval intelligence officer on the run from a drug cartel learning that both were undercover got mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike, but with the star power of
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Box Office Report for July 26-28: The Wolverine Claws Through Ghosts and Minions.

After five films playing the iconic character. Audiences proved they still love Hugh Jackman (X-Men, Les Miserables) as The Wolverine with its debut at number 1 this week, bringing in $55 million dollars. With a 120 million budget, the newest adventure of Logan going to Japan brought in the same amount opening weekend as X-Men: First Class (finished with $146 million) and the original 2000 film (finished with 157 million).
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Box Office Report : The Conjuring Pulls Off Upset, Unseats Despicable Me 2

Well this came out of no where. With an animated snail, a group of “A” list action stars, and a PG-13 “Men In Black” look-a-like coming to theaters, audiences drove to the horrific scares of “The Conjuring” which opened this weekend to a shocking $41.5 million. Based on a true story, the film follows two paranormal investigators as they help a family being terrorized by an otherworldly presence in their