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NFL: Will Josh McCown Thrive Under Pressure or Fold?

CLEVELAND- Most starting quarterbacks failed in their starting role since the Browns returned to the NFL in 1999. Names like Tim Couch, Ty Detmer, Jeff Garcia, Brady Quinn, and Colt McCoy are among the quarterbacks who struggled. After more than 20 failed quarterbacks, the Browns found an answer to their prayers as former third string quarterback Brian Hoyer achieved a rare feat, ending up with a winning record as Browns
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NFL Thursday Night Football: Browns vs. Bengals-Battle of Ohio Live Chat

<a target="_blank" href="">Browns vs. Bengals - Join Now!</a> <span style="font-size:0.9em;">(LIVE Try <a href="">Relay</a>: the free SMS and picture text app for iPhone.)</span> [caption id="attachment_33259" align="alignnone" width="400"] Paul Brown Stadium (September 13, 2009 - Source: Scott Boehm/Getty Images North America)[/caption] CINCINNATI- The Bengals fought hard this year to earn their place as the current division leader. The AFC North is the strongest division in football as the Baltimore Ravens are in
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Cleveland Browns: Observations from Detroit Lions Exhibition Opener

[caption id="attachment_29074" align="aligncenter" width="640"] (Image courtesy of Getty Images)[/caption] CLEVELAND, OH - There was a renewed feeling in the air tonight for Cleveland Browns fans. In the motor city, Cleveland took on the Detroit Lions and football was back. The stakes - a great big barge trophy. With three head coaches in the last three seasons, a new look Browns team took the field and for once, there was no