Sports are a way of life for die-hard fans. With the sheer amount of games, drafts, and rankings there are to explore in sports cultures every single day, it can be difficult to keep up with your favorite teams and sports. Thankfully, the advent of streaming apps has made it easier than ever to stay in the know, even when it comes to the most obscure sports out there. To ensure you’re ready to catch the latest game, here are six of the best streaming apps that are perfect for sports fans:

1. Sling TV

If you’ve been looking to get the network channels you need to watch all of your sporting events but hate the idea of installing and paying for actual cable, Sling TV is here to become your savior. You can get anything you’d find on Xfinity or Spectrum but at a much lower price. Because the services you can purchase are all offered on their own, you end up saving tons of money. Additionally, Sling TV has many fantastic packages that are meant to set sports fans up to watch practically any major sporting event that happens to make it on television. Sling TV is known for sometimes being region locked with its content, however, so knowing how to jailbreak your streaming device is a must if you’re diving into Sling TV’s services.

2. Hulu

While not nearly as affordable as Sling TV’s options, Hulu provides the opportunity to add on network packages from some of the biggest sports-centric entertainment providers. The fact that it’s all packed into Hulu’s amazingly user-friendly app, and lets all of your entertainment stick in one location, makes it an attractive option for streamers who hate having to jump between apps to find the content they want. Hulu is also home to some amazing sports-centric documentaries, films, and television shows, so it will give you something to cheer on even when there’s no big game for you to enjoy.

3. Fubo TV

Similar to SlingTV, Fubo TV is one of the most feature-packed ways to access cable and network entertainment without actually having to get cable. There’s a huge emphasis on sports, and live sporting events, on the platform, and the majority of its user base ends up on Fubo TV due to its sports-minded nature. Fans of foreign sports such as Soccer and Cricket will find Fubo TV especially useful for watching live games and keeping up-to-date with this year’s professional teams. If you’re a sports fan with more refined tastes, Fubo TV is a great investment.

4. ESPN+

ESPN+ is one of the most well-known streaming apps for sports fans. After all, it’s harder to name a bigger sports-centric brand than ESPN. If you love the amazing 30 for 30 series the network has produced over the last decade, and want access to a collection of some of history’s biggest, most shocking games, ESPN+ is a great app to have. You’ll have the ability to watch most major sporting events live and on-demand using the ESPN+ app as well, so it’s an app sports fans simply cannot afford to pass up. If you want the perfect place to follow upcoming sports drafts, ESPN+ is difficult to beat.

5. Twitch

If you’re a fan of E-sports, no other platform is as important for keeping up with the community as Twitch. The professionals all stream there, and many exhibitions and tournaments are streamed on the app every single day. If you’re looking to share your conquests in the E-sports world, Twitch is where you need to start. There are also more traditional sports-centric channels on Twitch, so if you’re looking for a more indie-styled app to follow sports on, Twitch is a great option.

6. YouTube TV

Many audiences are not aware of just how much you can do on YouTube. It has not been simply a space for online creators for nearly a decade now, and YouTube’s partnership with major TV networks is one of the platform’s most popular innovations. This packaging system works similarly to Hulu’s, but YouTube TV often provides cheaper packages, and more on-demand, live content for sports fans to dive into. The sheer amount of sports-centric podcasts, video essays, and more hosted on YouTube’s platform keep sports lovers consistently on-site anyways, so taking full advantage of the sports content littered throughout YouTube is a no-brainer.

Get in the Game

With these six services, you’ll never find yourself out of the loop about your favorite sports culture. While these services can be a bit more expensive due to the more specific nature of their offerings, each of them is packed with enough content and features to make your investment well worth it. Now that you know the amazing sports apps that are out there, it’s time to get in the game!



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