Is there anything worse than feeling like you have absolutely nothing to do? You’ve done all of your chores, all of your work/homework, and for whatever reason, you find yourself with nothing to do, either mindlessly scrolling or zoning out with Netflix.

While there’s nothing wrong with this if you have absolutely nothing to do, it’s also not the most fun you could be having, either. Here, we have 7 awesome apps that will ensure you never get bored again. Take a look and see which of them you want to try!

1. Evil Apples

Evil apples is basically the app version of ‘cards against humanity.’ You are dealt a handful of cards in a game that you can play with friends or with complete strangers (but don’t worry, the app is very strict about allowing players to use offensive language!). One card will be dealt and all of the players will need to pick the card out of their own hand that they feel makes the funniest phrase when read together as a whole. Everybody takes it in turn to judge the cards, so that the game is fair. If you win, you win cake and coins that can help you to play more games and buy bonus packs! Just be aware – you may need a pretty out their sense of humor to really enjoy this one!

2. Final Fantasy

Final fantasy isn’t exactly a new game, but now you can get The Final Fantasy app so you can play it on your smartphone or tablet. You get to create your own adventure and become a hero. If you’ve never played this famous game before, it’s never been easier to give it a go.

3. Quiz Up

Love trivia games? Now you can play against your friends with Quiz up. You can choose general trivia questions, or even questions on something specific, like Harry Potter!

4. Stumbleupon

If you love discovering new content in your spare time, this app is for you. You can discover photos, videos, articles, art, tips, and much more.

5. Meme Generator

Sick and tired of seeing the same old boring memes, or think you could give the most famous memes a run for their money? Make your own with the meme generator app. You never know, you might go viral!

6. Tender

No, that isn’t a spelling error. Tender is like Tinder, but it’s better – it’s all about food. You get to see pictures of delicious meals and if you like the look of them, you can swipe to save the recipe. Who needs a boyfriend or girlfriend anyway?

7. MindSnacks

How about you take this time to learn a new language or brush up on your own? MindSnacks offers interactive games to help learn a new language, where you may be doing things like popping balloons or keeping a penguin on ice. Race the clock and level up! 7 languages are included, and this app is suitable for kids, too.

Do you have a favorite app that stops you from getting bored?

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