Code learning has become easier thanks to the advancement of technology. Due to this, more people are opting to pursue careers that require coding skills. Though the present is the best time for learning, today’s students do not always have the luxury of using computers for practice, so that’s why mobile devices are proving useful. You can download best app to help you learn coding on your mobile device and start learning today. You will find some of the best code learning apps below that I have compiled for you.


If you own an Android or iOS smartphone, you can download the Mimo app to find out how to develop a project in five minutes a day. With the app, you’ll learn how to program in Swift, Kotlin, Java, HTML, PHP, Python, Ruby, and many other languages.

By using its “Learn to Code” curriculum, students build websites quickly using various coding languages. Along with learning SQL to communicate with databases and Python to analyze data, the learners are exposed to how Netflix and Google use extensive data to make movie and website recommendations. The course offers great value to both experienced programmers and beginners.

For a $9.99 monthly subscription, you will be able to access all courses, hands-on tasks, and weekly enhancements and updates.


With the CodeGym app, you will learn Java programming right on your phone. You will take part in 600 mini-lectures and complete 1200 tasks for the course.

Students will complete four quests in a playing format, with each journey consisting of ten levels and lecture modules. Because a smartphone can be cumbersome for typing long codes, the app developers included a system that can help the user code faster with automatic tips and examples. Solutions can be written immediately and reviewed. Moreover, there is a help section so you can get help when you get stuck.

Upon joining the level 1 program, you’ll be able to choose two paid subscriptions. A learning center can offer learners the Premium package for $30 per month or $300 per year, or the Premium Pro package for $50 per month or $500 per year.



Even though Tynker was originally developed for children, it is also suitable for adults. Five to fourteen-year-olds teach various languages, such as JavaScript. This app offers three phases of courses depending on a kid’s age. Some courses are throughout designed for children ages five to seven, eight to thirteen, and fourteen and up. In addition to students and professionals with previous coding experience, this app can also be used to train them.

For kids aged five to seven years, voice instructions are provided on how to create simple apps, solve logic problems, and master coding basics. Students aged eight to thirteen explore subjects in STEM, design and create Minecraft mods, and code drones and robots with a drag and drop approach. Users over fourteen years of age learn real programming skills, such as JavaScript or Python.

You can subscribe quarterly for $16 per month or annually for $8 per month, or you can sign up for a lifetime subscription for $200.



Programming applications are amazing educational tools that anyone can use to become a coder. Some are good for complete beginners; others are good for those with some previous experience. You can use the applications on your smartphone to hone your coding skills while on the go. Shortly stated, they are designed to add value in the long run, particularly when combined with other learning materials.



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