One of the important reasons that we use password to lock our systems is to prevent any unwanted access to our system and the data in it. Our personal or official computer may have a lot of personal as well as official documents, images, videos and other kinds of data that need to be secured all the time.

But in certain situations even that safety aspect becomes a huge headache for us. Yes, at times we could forget our passwords and be locked for a while. Unlike other services like Gmail, there is no forgot password option in our system to recover our password easily.

Once we forgot our passwords it is locked forever unless you reinstall the operating system or use any password recovery tools. Even though there are many ways to recover Windows password, but today i am sharing a best Windows password recovery tool with you ,which can help you recover your password quickly without losing any of your data. In this article, we’ll look into the details about how to recovery windows password with it .

That Is What You need

To recover admin or other login password on Windows 10/8/7 computer,which is one the best Windows password recovery tool to you and comes equipped with a great set of features.

· with this Windows password recovery tool, even non-technical persons can use the software with ease to recover windows password.

· It is specifically designed keeping in mind non-technical users, hence the user interface is pretty simple, straightforward and self-explanatory

· Without reinstalling windows or losing any of your personal/official data, you can recover your lost windows password

· Using the Windows password recovery tool is completely legal and safe. Installing the software doesn’t cause any malicious software installed in your system

· The tool used to recover Windows password is compatible with all major Windows versions.

· Even though it is a paid tool, you can always try it out for free with the trial version and check all the features, before going for the paid version

· 100% safe and secure tool to recover windows password


What You Need To Do For It

The best Windows password recovery tool is designed in a manner so that even non-technical users can use the software easily. Follow these simple steps to know how to use the software

· Download and install the Windows password recovery tool in another computer

· Create a bootable disk using an USB/CD/DVD in the computer


· Insert the bootable disk in the locked computer and alter the boot sequence to boot using the USB/DVD

· Once your system restarts, this software launches automatically

· It lists all the users available in the system,then select the user you need to reset and click the reset button


· Now you can login to the system without any password and can add a new password anytime you want after logging into the system

Our Verdict:

This is certainly a great Windows password recovery software for people who are left in dark after getting locked out of their computer by forgetting their password. The tool helps to recovery windows password in less than 10 minutes or so. So if you happen to be in this situation, don’t take the precarious step of reinstalling your complete operating system, but just download it and use it to recover your password.

Please feel free to post all your queries and suggestion as we are all ears to your queries and will revert back as soon as possible. Have a Good Day!!!

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