Not too often one team is associated with another so closely, clearly the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns can be considered one in the same.

Thanks to distance and playing in completely different divisions in the same conference such as the AFC East and North, they share no common rival, history or any form of rivalry.

Aside from their double overtime thriller in the AFC Playoffs in the 1986-87 season, a 23-20 win by Cleveland, the two franchises are the modern day example of The Odd Couple.

While they do not have these factors in common, one link that both franchises do have is often being associated with mediocrity and having to play in the shadows of more established regional rivals, such as the New England Patriots and New York Giants for the Jets and the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals for the Browns.

Another thing that both the Jets and Browns seem to share is trading and signing players between them.

With the Jets recently agreeing to a free agent contract with former Browns wide receiver, Terrelle Pryor, it became the latest example of trading places between Cleveland and New York.

During the 2016 Free Agency period, the Browns signed former Jet LB DeMario Davis to a two-year, $8 million contract, before trading him back to New York for S Calvin Pryor in 2017.

For some random reason, the Jets and Browns have been longtime trading and Free Agency partners since New York traded up for former USC QB Mark Sanchez back in 2009.

Add Pryor to the list of names in this continuing business tradition between the two.

The 6’4 220-pound Pryor joins former Cleveland Browns teammates in QB Josh McCown and newly-signed RB Isaiah Crowell in the Big Apple.

Even to the casual football fan, one could jokingly say that the Jets are the new Browns and that Gang Green is turning Brown. If you’re a Jets fan, hope for the former and not the present day versions of all three.

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