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Texas A&M suspends two coaches for derogatory sexual humor

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When it comes to Texas A&M and football in the last few years, there is no logic. The same school that was the home of  NFL-idiot  Johnny Manziel is under more scrutiny. The scrutiny the team is under now is a clear example when people don’t think, or people think degrading women is funny.

Many organizations from the professional level to the collegiate level host Chalk Talk, This is the teams attempt to get the women who support their organization to talk about the sport. Well, the Texas A&M Longhorns held one recently that was being run by assistant coaches Jim Turner and Jeff Banks. They went to offer a few coaching tips and for some stupid reason, they decided to take it upon themselves and change some of the lyrics to the school fight song, titled “ Aggie War Hymn,” that the women found so offensive that the two idiots were suspended for two weeks. This is a great example of not knowing your audience. The offending lyrics can be seen here:

We are Aggie women
We are filled with estrogen
Hullabaloo, canek, canek, and back again

Maroon & white are the colors we love
We are putting down our dish towels
And taking off our gloves

No more Lysol or cascade
We want to score Touchdowns
And walk in the parade

We are Aggie women & this is our song
Come on…bring it on…no more thong
Hullabaloo..caneck..caneck..and so on

This is only the beginning of the stupidity these two coaches did the night of the Chalk Talk. In those coaching tips that were mentioned before, some of the tips contained a slew of sexually suggestive material. Texas Longhorns beat writer, Anwar Richardson of Rivals.com, tweeted out imagines of the slideshow of the “instructional” material. It only gets worse from here. Here are the pictures of Anwar’s official Twitter account:

Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin had a statement on this matter:

“There is absolutely no place in our program or in our University community for inappropriate conduct or degrading comments towards women, or anyone, regardless of intent.

While I was in attendance at the Chalk Talk event this week, I was engaged in meeting participants, taking photographs and signing autographs and I was unaware of the contents of Jim and Jeff’s presentations until this morning. Upon learning of the details, I immediately consulted with Director of Athletics Scott Woodward and made the decision that both Jim and Jeff will be suspended without pay for two weeks effective immediately and will serve 20 hours of community service. I have addressed the issue with both of them and had their commitment to be better representatives of our program.

On behalf of Aggie Football, I want to apologize for the comments at Chalk Talk and also for my failure to review their individual presentations. I want to thank the almost 700 women who came out this week who not only participated in the program but who supported a worthy cause in the Twin City Mission.”

Its, not the first time that coach Jim Turner had been surrounded by controversy. In 2012, he was a central figure in the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal between Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito. An independent report found Turner was at lease aware of ongoing bullying that went on in the locker room about lineman Jonathan Martin’s supposed sexuality.

What I am dumbfounded about this is why would you do this. These two guys must be dumber than I thought because if they didn’t think they were going to get plastered all over the internet due to cell phones. These are women who support your organization, and this is essentially how you reward them. I laugh at their apology because it is such a typical cop out for stupidity.

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