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Vin Scully: Thank You Vin!

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Oct 2, 2016 marks the last baseball game that legendary Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully will ever call. Scully, now 88 years of age, has been calling Dodger baseball for the past 67 years. A model of consistency, Scully is a true rarity in broadcasting, not only because of the length of his tenure at his position, but because he calls the games by himself. A modern broadcast crew typically consists of a play-by-play broadcaster, a color commentator, and a former player who has firsthand experience in the sport. Scully manages to broadcast an entire game by himself while being as interesting, if not more, than a group of three people.

If a player, coach, or umpire has an interesting backstory he will find out about it and in the blink of an eye hundreds or thousands of people know about it as well.

Ever so humble, Scully has been noticeably embarrassed by all the attention he is receiving going into his final season. He has continually returned the praise of fans and players alike, thanking them on air for all they have done for him over the years. On a broadcast he once said that the fans meant far more to him then they could ever imagine. Scully has even gone as far as to retire at the end of the regular season although the Dodgers will be playing in October, as he doesn’t want to distract from the playoffs and take away from the game.

Thank you Vin.

Thank you for sharing your passion and love for the game with anyone willing to listen for the past 67 years.

Thank you for digging up those unbelievable backstories on players, coaches, and umpires alike.

Thank you for showing the same respect to a rookie on their first day, a veteran on their last, and anyone in-between.

Thank you for giving your life to this game.

Thank you for inspiring young broadcasters nation-wide to strive towards being “the next Vin Scully.”

Thank you for being so genuine with your audience.

Thank you for the countless memories.

Thank you Vin.

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