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Thanks to Kate Upton, Justin Verlander is the envy of all men


November 17, 2016

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We all wish for that ride of die friend. You know the one. They one you can call when funds get too tight, when you lose a family member and need that shoulder, or when you find out that your long-time girlfriend just stepped out on you. He’s there to lend the money, replace that family member and treat you to the strip club of your choosing.

But what happens when your best friend and ride or die is a female?

This is what America and MLB came to realize Wednesday night after Detroit Tigers Justin Verlander not only lost the CY Young but was left off two ballots altogether.

Upon hearing this news, longtime girlfriend Kate Upton decided it was time to ride for her man:

Classic in so many ways but yet truthful at the same time.

Verlander, much like the three a**holes that didn’t make Ken Griffey Jr a unanimous Hall of Fame choice should be tried up and beaned with 10 of Verlander’s nasty heaters. But people are people and have brain farts at times in their life.

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People will attack Upton for her brashness but, is she not allowed to voice her opinion? I thought it was funny. I hope my significant other would do the same for me if she felt I was cheated out of something I rightfully deserved. She’s not saying that he got screwed out of the CY Young. She’s mad that two people thought her ride or die wasn’t good enough to be placed on the ballot.

Upton is not Kim Kardashian or some 15-minute of fame wannabe looking for a little extra spotlight. She is an established model that just showed America why Verlander may be one of the luckiest men in the world right next to Barack Obama.

We as men all seek that type of friendship. That shoulder to lean on, that family in a time of need and the one that’s willing to take on your boss for you because they don’t respect you enough to give you what you deserve.

Kudos to you Verlander. You have a keeper in Upton.

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