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The 2012-2013 Eastern Conference Playoff Prediction

                                                                  Eastern Conference Playoff Prediction

                                                                  By: Michael Elworth

Final Seeding Predictions

1. Miami Heat

2. New York Knicks

3. Chicago Bulls

4. Indiana Pacers

5. Brooklyn Nets

6. Boston Celtics

7. Atlanta Hawks

8. Milwaukee Bucks

Round 1

Miami vs. Milwaukee- Miami Wins in 5 Games

– Milwaukee would just be a fly for Miami to swat. They would cause a bit of trouble and may squeeze one win out at home, yet will get taken out quickly, as the Bucks simply cannot keep up with the Heat on offense or defense.

New York Vs. Atlanta- New York Wins in 6 Games

– If New York is not hitting their threes, it will be a struggle and it is safe to assume that in a seven game series that can happen with a couple of off games, though Atlanta’s talent is lacking and Josh Smith is likely gone via trade.

Chicago Vs. Boston- Chicago Wins in 6 Games

– Boston will put up a fight as always and no win will be easy, but the Bulls, with or without Derrick Rose, are simply too good defensively and in the big man department for the Celtics to keep the Bulls from winning the series. Also, Luol Deng has done a fantastic job guarding Paul Pierce.

Indiana Vs. Brooklyn- Brooklyn Wins in 6 Games

– Indiana is the top defensive team in the NBA, yet is there enough offense to keep up? Right now the answer is no. The health of Danny Granger and Deron Williams will decide this series, as the Pacers can win the series if Granger gets back to form.

Round 2

Miami Vs Brooklyn- Miami Wins in 6 Games

– The Nets cannot keep up with the Heat, unless Williams plays like he did four years ago and Brook Lopez dominates the Heat frontcourt. Even then their chances of winning are slim. There’s no way of stopping Lebron JamesDwayne Wade andChris Bosh on defense for seven games. They will put up a solid fight, but Miami is simply too powerful.

New York Vs Chicago- Chicago Wins in 5 Games

– The Bulls may struggle keeping up with the Knicks offensively and yet their defense is too good to lose a seven game series to a team who relies solely on one player. With Deng defending Carmelo Anthony it favors Chicago. The five game prediction gets based on Rose playing, and if he does not, the Knicks will outscore the Bulls enough to win the last two games, but once again, their defense should hold out.

Eastern Conference Finals

Miami  vs. Chicago- Miami Wins in 6 Games

– With Rose, the Bulls have a shot and play the Heat well. The Heat are simply too strong of a team for any Eastern Conference team to win a series. Here is a prediction Miami will lose in the finals to the San Antonio Spurs.  

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