Accessorizing is super easy and fun only if you know how to do it right. Men might have limited options with accessories but they can still transform their everyday appearance with a few tricks. Bracelets are one of the best options for men to showcase their fashion taste. This article mentions some of the top tier quality bracelets including handmade bracelet by Riblor which are available online so take a look!

1-  Freddie Matara Leather Cuff Bracelet

Freddie Matara is a big name when it comes to leather products and it also produces bracelets for men which are quite famous. The leather cuff bracelet is one of their top sellers. It is thick in diameter and rugged in appearance which makes it perfect for the male gender. The way this bracelet fastens is truly unique and is similar to a belt. A belt’s buckle is used for the fastening of the bracelet. A strong metal fastener and loops are attached to the body. The fitting of the bracelet is tight and securing. Options in style and colors are available as well to give variety. The Italian brand also takes custom orders so that you can have the perfect bracelet.

2-  Edmond and Co. Multilayer Leather Wrap Bracelet

If you are going to buy a bracelet, let it be a multi-layered one because it looks much cooler than the average single-layered bracelets. Moreover, with a

multi-layered bracelet, there is no need to buy a few more of the same type as one bracelet is enough with layers. The brand Edmond and Co. offer high quality wrap bracelets which are both stylish and comfortable. The company usually produces bracelets in 5 layers with a thin width. These bracelets can be easily worn on every wrist size and are highly comfortable. The color options available are black and brown. These colors are bound to go with any outfit. Fastening is done via a shiny silver-plated metal which is attached to the loop. It has a bit loose fit so that your wrist can be easy.

3-  The Steel Shop Black on Black Braided Italian Leather Bracelet

The brand Steel Shop goes to extraordinary measures to uplift a mainstream bracelet trend into something entirely new. This Black on Black braided Italian leather bracelet is one of the hot items of the brand and is not mundane or simple like the other leather bracelets. This bracelet is stylish, strong and has an

eye-catching design. The build quality is top notch which makes the price tag justified. Leather used in the bracelet is genuine and 100% pure which guarantees that the product is dependable and durable. The strings of leather are interwoven with each other which makes the body of the bracelet. As for the fastening and unfastening method, it is super easy to do with the help of the matte black stainless steel clasp which never opens on its own. The brand offers the option to customize as well. Some customers get special engravings.

Moreover, the steel clasp is available in the rose gold color as well.

4-  Miansai Anchor Half-Cuff Bracelet

This brand is globally known for beautiful and unique designs which always leave an impression on the customer and anyone who looks at it. The anchor Half-Cuff bracelet is not an exception to their high standards. Moreover, the functionality, practicality and look of the bracelet is one-of-a-kind. The bracelet closes itself on the wrist which makes the fastening method a breeze. People having rich fashion taste usually go for this bracelet. The body is made of a long black leather string of thin width which wraps around the wrist about three or four times. It is minimalistic in design and the single color choice makes it stand out. You can wear it with any outfit because it does not overpower your clothes. The hook attached to the bracelet is unlike any other as it is shaped like an anchor hence the name, anchor bracelet. As the composition of the bracelet does not include many elements, it can fit on any wrist irrespective of the size which means that it is easy to wear. If you are someone who has never worn an accessory but wants to try for the first time, this item should be on your list.

5-  Caputo and Co. Hand-Knotted Triple Wrap Bracelet

This brand has an extensive array of outstanding leather bracelets which are unique in their own right. The hand-knotted triple wrap bracelet is one of their top sellers and it has a rugged look. The materials chosen are rough and tough as well which means it is perfect for a manly man. The components chosen for the construction are real Vachetta leather and strong waxed nylon. These materials make you feel expensive and good. The nylon is included in the third wrap in order to give a hint of versatility. At the other end of the bracelet, a metal lock is attached for the purpose of fastening. To make this bracelet even better, five color options are given which the customers can choose according to their preferences.

6-  Tanner Goods Single Wrap Wristband

This single wrap bracelet is the most minimalistic and lightweight accessory that you can purchase. It is anything but flashy, extravagant and tough. However, it is simple, the most durable and colorful bracelet for any man to wear. The bracelet fits perfectly on an average sized wrist to give a secure fit. The closing or fastening is done via a stylish metal button. This fastening method is simple, yet practical and secure. It is available in only the orange color but this color is the best when you need a color pop with your outfit. The option of adding a monogram inside the bracelet is available. The brand Tanner Goods is known by everyone to produce products which last a lifetime and this bracelet matches the standard of durability as well because it is constructed by the same leather which the company uses to make belts or wallets.

7-  Emporio Armani Woven Leather Bracelet

You can easily call this bracelet a top tier accessory as it is made by Emporio Armani. It checks the requirements of comfort, style and simplicity. Made from two interwoven braids of black leather and a steel snap button for fastening, it is made to last. The fit it offers is perfect without closing on the wrist too much or being too loose. It’s sturdy leather avoids damage and can go with just about any outfit. This bracelet is compatible with any outfit you wear.

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