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Jason Whitlock Takes The Skip Bayless Approach With Disgraceful Tweet

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About a month ago, Skip Bayless made ignorant comments about Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott regarding mental health. Several days ago, Jason Whitlock took it a step further with a several disgraceful tweets directly aimed at Chrissy Teigen.

The tweet from Whitlock came in response to Teigen posting about her recent miscarriage. It seems from the legitimate responses that sharing that information was too much and it needed to remain private instead.

Now did Whitlock have good questions in tweet? Yes he did. The issue is the first part. What’s the point of it? Does he really need to attack Teigen for sharing on social media? Couldn’t he have made a bit more ambiguous with his questions instead? Certainly then he’d have a better understanding on why Teigen sharing about her miscarriage is important.

Too often when someone goes through a tragic event it’s the belief that it needs to stay private that is the most troubling. Which is why Prescott opening up about his mental health and now Teigen with her miscarriage announcement are incredibly important.

Simply put the keep it private belief becomes the “me versus the world” moment.  Meaning that the only way to get through whatever tragedy is alone. Which isn’t good.

Then again the United States isn’t that great when it comes to mental health. In college business classes students get taught that there are “no excuses” when it comes to not being at work. That means leaving any personal problems at the door whether it’s relationships, a death, an illness, etc…

This is another reason to keep personal tragedy quiet.

Still when a star athlete (Prescott) and celebrity (Teigen) share personal tragedy receive an outpouring of support from others on social media it’s a step in the right direction. It’s necessary  to change this perception of “me versus the world” to “we’ll get through this together.” In other words no more doing it alone and this makes a tweet like Whitlock’s no longer necessary.

Citizen Soldier song Would Anyone Care lyrics says it pefectly, “let me in, let me share in your pain.” 

Here’s also Whitlock’s tweet and reactions:






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