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In today’s modern world, everyone can now produce their video for whatever purpose they like. With different social media platforms, you have a chance to distribute and show everyone your audio-visual masterpiece. Thanks to convenient video maker software, the art of making videos can be enjoyed by everyone. 

Unlike the good old days, video production can only be done by a movie production company or a broadcasting studio. But now, a video maker online can make your plans come to fruition with their easy-user interface, organized dashboards, and various templates. Even someone with no film training can make a high-quality video thanks to modern tools. 

However, even with the most convenient digital solutions, you can still encounter problems while making your videos. Take a look at the biggest issues with video production below and read on how you can fix them. Doing so will ensure that you can avoid any future problems, and if you encounter them, you can have a solution on hand.

Terrible Audio Quality

Most people forget that videos are not just about images. Sound plays an essential component in video production. If your video has terrible audio quality, no one will watch it. Bad audio can kill your video and put your hard work to waste. To make sure you avoid this problem, check for good audio quality by:

1. Test the Area

Always do a test run before you commence filming. Outdoor areas tend to disperse sound, rending what you say inaudible. On top of that, you have to worry about background noise. In contrast, a closed-door setting may cause a weird echo. Pay attention to these details and adjust accordingly. 

2. Invest in a Good Mic 

If your host is doing narrations, invest in a good microphone with noise-canceling. This can save you a world of trouble later on. Moreover, a good mic ensures loud, clear, crisp, and vibrant sound gets recorded. 

3. Enhance Sound Quality

During the final editing using your video maker, don’t forget to enhance the sound quality. Some editors have features that allow you to tweak the audio file to cut out the noise. You can also try the following features in your video maker:

  • Add musical scoring to dramatic scenes.
  • Put in much-needed sound effects.
  • Incorporate voice-overs for extra narrative

Choosing the Wrong Distribution Format

The video comes in various formats, so make sure you know the specifications of your chosen platform. Otherwise, you will have a headache trying to jam a round peg into a square cut hole. Some platforms have specifications on the display orientation or screen size. Others restrict file size or require a certain amount of pixels. If you encounter this, you can use an image resizer or editor in your video maker. Knowing where and how you intend to distribute the video assures you get the correct format from the start. Examples of video formats include:

  • MPEG-4 or MP4
  • MOV
  • WMV
  • AVI
  • FLV
  • MKV
  • WebM

No Specific Plans in Place

You can’t just begin shooting a video on a whim. Those people who do can never create an output they like even if they use the best video maker software ever created. When you begin a project without a plan, you start on the wrong foundation. As a result, you may end up wasting your resources by stopping midway and revamping everything, which renders all your hard work useless. If you want your project to proceed in the right direction, you need a goal. To help you out, do the following:

1. List your objectives

Ask yourself what you aim to achieve by producing this video. List down your various objectives so you can make a plan. Everything you do will hinge on your objectives, from the script down to adding effects on your video maker. Do you merely want to make people laugh, or do you want them to buy a product?

2. Keep your audience in mind

The next stage is to determine who is part of your audience. You can’t possibly cater to the whole world, though that seems appealing in terms of monetization. Knowing who your viewers are can help you outline your message and create a fantastic storyboard. 

3. Identify which tools work

The key to creating a compelling video is knowing which tools can appeal best to the viewers’ emotions. When you make videos, you create art. Hence, you need to know which effects you can add that resonates with your audience. Remember, videos that appeal to the heart and evoke emotions create the best engagement. This means your viewers are most likely to share, like, and comment on your video, assuring an increase in your brand’s awareness. To help you out, explore the following tools in your video maker:

  • Transitions
  • Image effects
  • Icons or graphics
  • Typography
  • Copyright-free music
  • Voiceover
  • Animation 
  • Watermark 

Poor Flow and Unpleasant Cutaways 

At times, you will feel as if your final output looks too jumpy and chaotic. It’s as if the elements in your video don’t flow seamlessly. To avoid this issue, make sure you shoot tons of extra footage. It would also help to have a lot of backup clips and images handy. Usually, a great video maker has an extensive library to choose graphics and clips from. 

Remember, before you shoot, think ahead. Map out your concept and ascertain you understand the links in between your scenes. Consequently, this ensures your transitions are clear. With this in place, you can rest assured you produce a fluid video that your viewers will love. 

Final Wrap Up

When you begin video production, keep in mind that even the best Academy Award filmmakers encounter setbacks. Since so many variables can go wrong during production, you must anticipate setbacks. At times, it can be something as simple as a rainy day for an outdoor scene or something complex like schedule clashes of your main leads. Remember, you must plan as much as possible but allow room for modifications. And in case you meet some unforeseen glitches, be kind to yourself. Producing a video takes work and patience, but you can overcome whatever obstacle blocks your way with the right attitude and information. 

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